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Hello, I'm RainbowsNSmiles5! :)

Stories: There is a list below of each story I have published on this lovely website. I hope you will read them! And if you have, I hope you have enjoyed reading them!

The New Life with Ann: Jack, wanting a fresh start, moves to small Mineral Town to work a job he finally found, and tries to please the Inn keeper's daughter while dealing with a disturbing past. Based on Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. Jack x Ann My First Fanfic :P
Status: Hiatus due to writer's block...

The Harmonica High Bet: Twin sisters, Angela and Molly, move to Castanet Island to finish high school. But what happens when three boys from their class (Luke, Chase and Gill) make a bet involving them? What is the bet? To see who can get one of the girls to kiss them first! Who will win? Based on Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.
Status: Complete

An Expression of Love: Wizard is curious about Valentines Day. Based on Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. Just a fun and cute one-shot I wrote for Valentines Day. Molly x Wizard My First One-shot! :P
Status: Complete

She Made me Smile: Vaughn recalls a few memories of when Chelsea made him smile. Based on Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness. Chelsea x Vaughn one-shot!
Status: Complete

Eager: Luke and Molly have waited impatiently for their child to be born. So, when once their child has finished developing, they decide to try some natural ways to induce labor. Molly x Luke one-shot!
Status: Complete

Freedom is the Dream: Born into a wealthy family, Molly is given everything. Whether it be a man to marry, or cloying compliments on her beauty, it doesn't cure her of her loneliness, insecurity, and desire to be truly loved. Trusting her strange dreams to guide her, she runs far away to find freedom. Molly x Chase!
Status: Working on the next chapter!

Tears in Heaven: When Sam moves from America to Japan, she finds herself being sucked into the lives of two mischievous twins when she is saved from a mugger. My first Ouran Fanfiction! KaoruxOC!
Status: On hold...

She Talks too Much: Molly takes the opportunity to read Gill's diary. Little does she know that Gill writes about more than what she expected. Molly x Gill one-shot!
Status: Complete

The Marchers: Drabbles about a high school marching band and its members. What have these band geeks gotten themselves into?
Status: On hold...

A New Chapter in Life: Twins, Molly and Angela, have finally graduated from high school, free to get married and start a family. But are they even ready for it? And what about some unresolved issues regarding their parents? Sequel to "The Harmonica High Bet"!
Status: On hold...

Hydrophobic: "He must have put some sort of mind-control device in my food to make me willingly accept to learn how to swim in the Death Pool. Or maybe it was because I wanted him to stop calling me a wuss." Molly x Chase one-shot!
Status: Complete

Talking to the Moon: Kasey x Candace one-shot requested by my previous poll. More info to be announced...
Status: In the making...

ONE-SHOT POLL II: Top 3 votes were chosen. Here are the remaining one-shot pairings from this poll that I have to complete:

1) Kasey x Candace

2) Kasey x Luna

3) Mark x Chelsea

WARNING: Just like the last poll I did, there's no telling when the one-shots will be written and posted. I usually only write them if I have a sudden slap of inspiration to write it or if I'm having a bad time writing my other stories. They'll be posted kind of randomly. :P

Looks seriously boring to read. If you read through any of that, you're awesome. Anyways, I think I'll be doing this one-shot poll thing from now on. Have a poll, slowly complete chosen one-shots throughout the year (in between my other stories), and then post a new one with different pairings. I like it. It's like my own little Fanfiction tradition. . So, if you ever vote in one of my polls, thank you for participating! If you ever have any ideas of what the one-shots should be about, let me know or be surprised! :)

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