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Update 2018-04-18:
I'm mostly on SpaceBattles these days, with one story entitled "Jumpchain to Godhood (or: Washu Won't Take No for an Answer)" that I wrote to shake the dust off. I also read stuff from Sufficient Velocity and Archive of Our Own on occasion. I'm working on a few more stories and trying to find some of the original fiction I wrote that's probably lost on a boxed-up hard drive somewhere. Most but not all of my "favorite" stories here are complete.

About Me
I do a ton of reading and like a lot of older anime, manga, books, and movies including a few where the fanfiction is lots better than the original/canon. I'm also a programmer with chronic health issues, so it takes me a while to get any writing done. I can and will bug authors via PM and reviews about older stories that I'd love to see finished, especially if they fall in a category that I like (for example: Ranma/Sailor Moon, especially Ranma x Hotaru). That said, I'll also do my best to make any reviews relevant to the story and include any constructive criticism I feel is warranted. If I forget to thank the author for writing and/or posting, it's not intentional. I like to think that even fics that I hate are contributions to the community and opportunities to learn, so consider yourselves (readers and writers both) thanked for your participation.

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