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its been eleven years since I made my account. Where has the time gone?

A saying that I have thought of:

and so forth he shall gather an army of betrayed ninja to bring about the finale war.

Favorite NaruHina pairing Fanfic: Team 8 by S'TarKan

favorite stories where Naruto is a Ruler:

Heartless Emperor by Jarl2425

Naruto Emperor's Dawn by CM21stCentury (check out the revised version of it)

Naruto Shippuuden: Shogun of the West by m6199

The Raikage by Aragon Potter

Demon Fox of Middle Earth by VFSNAKE

Naruto: Rise of the Emperor Revised by Snafu the Great

Naruto - Warlord by MiNdZeRo

My challenge :)

Naruto of Calradia Challenge (Naruto X Mount & Blade crossover)

After failing the Sasuke retrieval mission the council banishes Naruto, disheartened Naruto leaves the elemental countries and finds his way to the war torn continent of Calradia.

The challenge is to write about Naruto uniting the warring kingdoms and becoming the first Ruler of all of Calradia in 250 years.

Must include the 5 kingdoms (Naruto must create his own faction)





Khergit Khanate

The minor factions

Sea Raiders

Bandits (Ex. Forest, Mountain)


Deserters (various factions)

Steppe tribesmen

Demonic cults

The ninja arts are completely unknown in Calradia

If you want to have people from Konoha come looking for Naruto it must happen after he becomes King

Naruto must show absolute apathy towards Konoha

very rough timeline
first 6 m Naruto's banishment and journey to Calradia
1-6 years after banishment= Naruto travels Calradia training and learning about the land, making friends,
7-10 years after banishment=Naruto begins to gather an army, building up a network of support
10-20 years after banishment=Naruto using shadow clones assassinates the rulers of the 6 main factions plunging them into chaos
and he starts his campaign to conquer the land

I'm not sure about having people from Konoha come looking for Naruto it must happen after he becomes King, but ether way

Naruto shows absolute apathy towards Konoha

How he becomes king is what the story would be about.

Story at least 50000 words

For more information about the world of Calradia go here: www(dot)taleworlds(dot)com

Thoughts on story ideas:

Naruto the Sixth Chaos God

the Waaagh! Effect (Warhammer 40000k & Mass Effect Crossover)

Citadel space faces a Ork Waaagh!

A Naruto X Killzone crossover.

the Covenant from Halo vs The imperium of Man from warhammer

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