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Yay, I return! ...and no one remembers me. Well, I doubt anyone would actually. School has destroyed whatever creativity I might have had and conformed me into a essay-writing robot.

The only current story I have at the moment is Vergessen Sei. All my other stories, besides the Chaos Before Christmas, are just there because I simply don't have the heart to delete them, no matter how badly written or corny they are.

Also to note, my stories will be edited often, because it takes me a while to notice tiny little grammatical errors here and there on the few first read-throughs. I will keep track of edits on this page so as not to waste space inside of the stories themselves. I will keep a sort of chart here sooner or later (probably before the end of spring break) which shows the edits and progress of various stories. Hopefully I won't have too much work to do over the summer for college and will be able to sit on my ass and possibly write more often than I have in the past few years.

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