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Hi, so you wanna know some things about me? Well, first thing you need to know is that I love anime. My three favorites are Bleach, D.Gray Man, and Naruto. I love writing fan fiction, and am currently writing three stories right now. Those stories being Altered Memories(Starrk and Yoruichi), Contract(Sasuke and Hinata), and Salvation( Yoruichi and Aizen). So if you're interested check thrm out and tell me what you think.

Favorite colors: Are red, black, and white

Favorite hobby: Writing fanfiction, gaming, and watching anime

Favorite sport: Baseball

Favorite characters from anime:

Naruto: Hinata, Itachi, TenTen, Sasuke, Sai, Naruto

Bleach:Yoruichi, Starrk, Ulquiorra, Aizen, Kisuke Jushiro, and Byakuya

D.Gray Man: Miranda, Allen, and Tyki Mik

Hated character from anime: (if you want to know why pm me)

Naruto: Sakura

Bleach: Orihime

D.Gray Man: None

Favorite pairing: Naruto: Hinata/ Sasuke, Hinata/Itachi, Hinata/ Obito, Hinata/ Madara, Hinata/Sai, and Hinata/Naruto

Bleach: Yoruichi/Starrk, Yoruichi/Ulquiorra, Yoruichi/Aizen, Yoruichi/Kisuke, Yoruichi/Byakuya, Yoruichi/Ukitake

D.Gray man: Miranda/Allen and Miranda/Tyki Mik

Goal: My current goal is to get Starrk and Yoruichi as a popular couple. I absolutely love them!

Well that's it!

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