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nothing to tell about me. its just that I can't get enough with bleach ;p from manga to anime and now I'm also addicted to bleach fanfic. I can't help myself...

my fav character in bleach is Rukia lol...she so cute & strong ( I luv her more than ichigo.hehe anyway ichigo is nothing without her, right?)

I think Rukia is so lucky to have not one but three men (ichigo, byakuya & renji) that care soooo much for her. Dont u think so?

my fav pairing are:

1. ichiruki - both ichigo and rukia are so kawaiii together ;)

2. byaruki - dont know y but I just luv this couple...(maybe coz byakuya is sooo hot, hehehe)

3. ulquiruki - I just realized that I also love this couple from the fiction that I read.

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