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Red Eyed Black Cat PM
Joined Jul '10

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to my profile!

Introduction first:

Name: Too common to be worth remembering ( but I always love that name )

Gender: Female

Age: In the era where I'm struggling for my college


Indonesian and proud of it!

Thanks to Google for the Avatar.

For now I'm just a silent reader with changing taste for Archives.This month I'm quite hooked in Hikaru no Go ( too late, I know ). If I list them in chronological order (since I first know FFn): Naruto, Harry Potter, Eyeshield 21, Kuroshitsuji, Midori Days, How to Train Your Dragon, Yu Gi Oh, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Pokemon, Bakuman, and now Hikaru no Go.

I don't know when I can write my own fanfic and have time and dedication for it. Maybe someday, somehow.

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