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I absolutely love NCIS. I watch every episode I can, and I don't mind reruns, at least most of the time. My favorite character is Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Duh! That man is sooooo hot! (looks around in case there's a head slap incoming)

I totally love the picture on Tiva4ever's bio page. It's hard to read the little writing, but let's be honest, who's looking at the writing anyway.

I only have a few stories uploaded at the moment, but there is sure to be more incoming, as soon as I get them typed into my computer. Most of them are still in the baby stage, which just means they are still bouncing around in my head. (cringes from the heat of the Gibbs glare)

*Jeez, that man has an annoying habit of popping up when you least expect it*


Oh, I'm sorry, did I say that out loud?


Ow, boss. I get it, okay? Back to work, err, I mean writing.


Um, gotta go y'all. I'll be back later when the taskmaster here gives me a break.

(shuffling feet, slamming books, keyboard falling to the ground)

*whimpers* Um, boss, is that a spoon?

Wow, my first profile update. Well, let's see. I'm posting a couple of ficlets, just a couple things bouncing around in my head. Actually there's a million, well, maybe not a million, things bouncing around in my head, but there is certainly a lot. And it's so hard to get it all written down before, poof, it's gone.

*frustrated growling* Nicky, what's a ficlet?

Ooooh, did Papa Bear get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?


Ow! *Sheesh, some people have no sense of humor.*

*growling warningly* Nicky...

Um, right boss. A ficlet is like you know... Well, you know a piglet is a baby pig, and a starlet is a baby starling, and a Gibb-let is a baby Gibbs, and ...

*yelling* What? Did you just say Gibb-let?

*cringe* Um, yeah, boss. But it wasn't my idea. I just read it somewhere. Abby made it up! (There, that should take the heat off.)

several minutes pass as I wait for the Gibbs you're-so-dead stare *

*quietly resigned* Nicky, what's a ficlet?

Oh, right. well, it's like a baby fiction. You know, just a little thing I thought up that hasn't grown into a full sized story. (holding my breath)

*snorts* Hmmm. Well, you better not be spending too much time on these 'ficlets' and get back to your regular story writing.

*sighing wearily* Um, sure thing boss.

*Sheesh, that was close.*

Well, crisis averted. I've got to go before the boss-man comes in and rifles through my notebooks again. I don't know what he's looking for exactly. I swear, sometimes that man can be

*Oh crap, here he comes. Gotta go*

Hey, fellow fictioners (made up that word myself). Time for an update I guess. I have several more stories in the works, some rated M for roMantic involvement. I might even have a ficlet sitting around somewhere.

*glaring* Nicky, you do remember I've been married and divorced 3 times.

*cringe* Um, yeah, boss. *amused snort* Look, I didn't say I was marrying you off. Sheesh, I just though you might like to relieve some tension...

*SMACK* Are you accusing me of being tense?

*yelping* Ow! Of course not, boss. (backing away, hands trying to protect my backside) I just meant...You know...Sometimes you work too hard and... (barely escapes another well-aimed swat, putting desk between Gibbs and me)

*barking* Nicky! Front and center, young lady. (points at the floor in front of him, growls as I continue to avoid him) This is only going to get worse if I have to come get you.

*squirming* Um, no thanks boss. *gulping* I think I prefer the view from over here.

*smirking* Ye-ah, and how do you plan to upload your stories from over there?

*PAUSE* *Crap. Didn't think of that.*

*fidgeting* Um, boss. How about I make you a deal?

*smirks again* Sorry, no deals.


*whimpering* Um, boss. Can we talk about this? (walking slowly across the room)


*yelping* Ow! I guess not. *sniffling* Can I have my chair back, now?

Jeez, and I thought he was tense before. Maybe I should have him take a vacation. Hmmm, I think we have a winner.

*looks around furtively* Hey, hey, just posted another ficlet. I might even post some chapters from another story I'm working on. It looks to be a long one though, as I don't seem to have closure with it just yet.

*growling* Nicky, what did I say about ficlets?

*gulping* Um, I can't remember boss. Besides, it was just one, and I am working on something with Ziva in it. I just haven't posted it yet.

*barking* Well, get on it, and quickly, or you'll be typing standing up tomorrow.

*resigned* Yes, boss. I'll get right on it, as soon as possible.

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