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a little about myself is:

i am a not your average teenager, i actually am ok with school but too much and i'll just burst, i have just entered high school and seriously I don't, to this day think i'm ready, i'm in band, and now i'm training to be in marching band, trust me: it's a LOT of hard work, but I'd love a challenge, but sadly i can't write that much anymore, but i write when i can, mostly on friday nights til dawn but i try to get ideas for new one-shots/ stories. i live near D.C. and it's very busy there but that's where i get my ideas for fanfiction -

I just love Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's and i know i'd just considered writing when i wrote, "please Don't Leave Me" so for right now i'm just considering one-shots

One-Shots I'd like to write:

Here With Me: kind of a sequel to 'Maybe Just Maybe', Yusei has caught Akiza cutting herself, can he save her, or will it be too late? Faithshipping

Story I'd like to write:

' ': Akiza and Yusei have an passionate night together..and weeks later Akiza turns up gone, where has she gone? and why? Faithshipping.

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