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If you must know about me, I'm a Filipino nerd (for lack of a better word) who has random pointless obsessions that either range from a few months to permanent obsessions. Some of these obsessions are, but not limited to, the New Jersey Nets, the Beatles, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, and much more that I am either too embarrassed to show to the public, or just disregarding at the moment. Also, I hate cliches and stereotypes, so if you fill either one of these categories, go away. I also have a wide range of personalities, ranging from, but are not limited to, complete randomness and unavoidable chaos to a deep philosopher and a person who overanalyzes things too much. This is all I feel like sharing at the moment. Get to know me (I'm not as creepy as this profile would make you assume, or maybe even creepier, but that's a different story). Oh, and I also have an anime-obsessed friend. She's not as creepy as me, but she's more of a nerd. Her pen name is Random Panic. Stalk her next.

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