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Akari and Kitakami PM
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Akari can mean "light; brightness" and Kitakami can mean "north".

One authoress who (is 15 years old) writes the fanfics, and two of her conscious who supports her!

Akari: 12 years old, happy-go-lucky, dramatic, and carefree.

Kitakami: 12 years old, calm, voice of reason, and sadistic(-like).

That's who they are! Yoroshiku!

P.S. The person we look up to is Kim JaeJoong! DBSK AKTF

EDIT: I'm 17 now. Turn up.

As of December 14, 2013:

List of things talks about a couple of things.

1. I have become to love K-Pop. Guys with eyeliners are hella sexy. But gahdammit Amber Liu is making me go lesbo for her.

2. If some of you read this, and might/might not know that I like EXO, should know who my bias is. That very person is my Baby Bun, aka Kim Minseok, aka Xiumin, aka Baozi, aka Baby Bunny, aka my precious baby, etc.
And this might sound mean, but Minseok is the very reason why I even look at EXO in the first place. HAVE YOU SEEN HIS EYES. Those eyes are fucking beautiful that I cannot--

3. I haven't been watching anime lately. I've been reading mangas more. But just the specific type I want to read.

4. I feel like changing my username. Should I or should I not?

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