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I read when I can and I do try to help edit when I can sometimes I get busy and can't do what I agree to and for those that, that has already happen to I am sorry but we know the real world and real life can get in the ways of things. So thanks for allowing me to help where I can when I could. I read a lot of different things but what I look for in a story rather to read or to help edit if I do help is not just creativity but Originality! To Any and all Naruto writers out there I am sick of the High school stuff and I am sick and tired of having Naruto and Sasuke in some romanic way rather you keep them both as guys one a guy and a girl or both as girls and the second most annoying pairing is with Sasuke older brother Enough with those pairings there is no new way that you are going to make me want to read that there are enough of those stories out there and if you look close enough even if you havn't read them there has been someone who has already put your idea up there in some form or another. Please, Please I beg of you stop with the Ucchia pairings and the pairing of Kakashi already lets try a few others for a while one pairing that could stand to grow is the Naruko Ino pairing as an example There can be other pairings as well that could grow but the Ucchia's and Kakashi's can take a break please I am Begging you.

Also I am not an author and I will never claim to be one I am a Role Player a Role Player that can create characters and enjoys doing so. If you need or want help in creating characters that don't feel like self inserts then I am willing to help as best as I can for the story. But all you authors out there with your own characters have this huge problem making them way to powerful or doing everything that the main characters are suppose to be doing which leaves me to ask why have the main characters if they are just glorified pieces doing nothing? So I ask if you want me to get into a story with the main characters doing nothing then why make it fanfiction and somewhere else instead of the universe that you are trying to take over with your own self inserted personality with that OC?

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