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I'm just a budding author who is trying to get some experience by telling some good stories and reading a few others. It's a pleasure to meet all of you!

Fanfic Pet Peeves:

1. Bashing

2. Original Characters

3. Unrealistic Pairings

4. Super-Powered Characters

5. Code Geass fics that follow the original anime's crappy ending

A Word from Sir Kai:

Code Geass Resurrection movie review:

The good:

1. Zero Requiem is finished. It falls apart within the first five minutes, and would have descended into my story had Lelouch not been resurrected, meaning my story is effectively canon (hahahaha). It proves my point that Zero Requiem was farcical on its face, and confirms it was the worst possible option Lelouch could have chosen. Oh, and I got some reviews when I first started this story that bashed on me for 'not understanding Zero Requiem' or complaining that I had it fall apart way too fast. Well, joke's on you, the movie follows the timeline I laid out TEN YEARS AGO. Thanks, Taniguchi!

2. Everyone who screwed Lelouch over gets a make-up. Those acts from the show that made us all hate them are referenced, repented, and forgiven.

3. Code Theory was proven as correct. Not even kidding. C-Two directly references the basic outline of Code Theory when explaining Lelouch's survival and formulates a method for bringing him back. Additionally, Lelouch appears toward the beginning of the movie dressed up as the cart driver, another direct reference to the theory. So, to all my fellow Code Theorists, rejoice! We conquer! (And to anyone who says, "But that was only possible in the movie because Shirley was alive!" here's my counterpoint: Shirley didn't need to be. Literally anyone could have substituted in that role. Shirley herself is only in the movie for so brief a time as to be negligible. You almost don't even need my "Shirley's mom faked her death" fix.)

The bad:

1. The movie's plot starts dumb and it doesn't get any better. How the hell is it that Nunnally and Suzaku go alone to a combat zone without any of the Knights of the Round? I'd say Schneizel was trying for a coup, but he's under geass at this time. That is just plain stupid (though it is Schneizel, so I suppose perfectly in character). Why doesn't C-Two do literally anything to disguise Lelouch's appearance? It's only been a year since Zero Requiem, everyone is going to know what the Demon Emperor looks like. Why do the Zilkhstan terrorists choose such a convoluted scheme when there was a much simpler, and safer, alternative when dealing with Suzaku and Nunnally? Why make Lelouch's resurrection itself so overly complicated? There's more, but I want to keep this brief.

2. This movie feels like a compilation film. Back when Resurrection was first announced, Taniguchi stated that it would be a new anime starring a very much alive Lelouch in a nonalternate universe. Something must have happened during the production to get Resurrection turned into a movie (maybe there simply wasn't enough story to tell for a full season) because this movie feels like it needs to be about six or seven 30 minute episodes. There is way too much going on, and the nature of the plot demands more time to resolve the story. Resurrection should probably have been a multi-episode OVA a la Gundam Unicorn rather than a two hour film. It feels like a pilot film, or a superhero origin story, not like a complete story in its own right.

3. Not one damn person calls Lelouch out on Zero Requiem. No one says to him "Dude, you murdered millions of people for something that fell apart within five minutes!" or "Lelouch (Kallen/Milly/Rivalz/Ohgi/Tamaki/Tohdoh/Cornelia/Nunnally) you almost freaking killed us!" He's never once called to the carpet for almost killing all of his friends. The movie just pretends that it's ok that Lelouch was willing to murder everyone he knew and loved for the sake of 'peace.'

So, on the whole? It's not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination. There are plot holes so big that the Titanic is saying "Whoa, you're taking on water!" The actual villain plan is really dumb, and Lelouch is never in the slightest put out by the fact that he's been revived. The conflict is resolved via bullcrap, and the ending is completely out of character for Lelouch, who continues to make mistakes and then learns the wrong lessons.

That said? It was ok. It did what I needed it to do, which was provide some closure for the franchise as a whole. If I could get it on Blu Ray, I would, but I suspect the movie flopped because you can't find the damn thing anywhere Stateside. And don't give me that "They're just out of stock!" I just bought up nearly the entirety of the Universal Century Gundam shows, and none of them are anywhere approaching out of stock.

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