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Challenge: Jaune the Dad

Plot: Before entering Beacon, Jaune decides to let loose for a night to take a break from some of the stress brought on by training. When he runs into a beautiful girl who seems to be doing the same, one thing leads to another, and she ends up carrying his child.


• Jaune has to stay at Beacon.

• The possible mother of his child could be Neo, Cinder, Emerald, Amber, an OC or other girls from the Vytal Festival Tournament besides RWBY or JNPR.

• The child must be a girl.

• Jaune must remain alive.


• Harem with any of the girls of Beacon Academy.

• Jaune's child defaulted to his care.

• After the Jaunedice arc, Jaune discovers he has a child.

• Once Jaune is aware that he is a father, he strives to become a better Huntsman to protect her.

• If the mother is…

-Emerald or a girl from the tournament, then Jaune could be peer pressured into drinking by friends from before Beacon.

-Cinder, and she eventually dies, then any of her Maiden powers would be transferred to the girl in her last thoughts: her daughter.

-Amber, then due to the stresses and risky lifestyle of being a Fall Maiden, she leaves her child to Jaune to have a caring parent. When Amber dies her power splits, giving a portion to her daughter, and the rest to Cinder.

If you want to take up the challenge please let me know, I'd love to check out your story!

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