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Name : Kacey

Age : 24 1/2 (Bday in Jan)

The more newer info about me is at the bottom, I like to keep all that I wrote over the years to see a difference in myself :)

My name is Kacey, But I would like for people to call me WintersWhiteMaiden (W.W.M) or just K.C. I am 16 1/2 I will be 17 in January. I really don't know what I should be saying about me so I will just say things. My Best Friend (BFFLTD) Shawni told me I should join this network because I am an imaginative writer. I love this sight anyways, I started reading on when I was 10 or 11. I am a big fan of Naruto stories, Mostly romantic ones about Sasuke/Sakura. I really don't prefer the T or M stories if they have Lemon (sexual descriptions) But Shawni loves that kind of stuff, she's a real Perv! But I love her the way she is. I like reading a lot, and so I tend to write long on going story's. My fav couple in Naruto are: Nar/Hin, Sasu/Sak, Ino/Shik, Ten/ Nej. I love to read new kinds of story's that have an impact on me as movies do. I am a fan of many anime's, their are to many to list at the moment so I will get back to that. At the time being, I do not have internet so I'm as the library. I'm a strange person compared to other people, my mom calls me an old soul with great morals. I am a person that wants to make a difference in the world, even if its a small one for now. I love animals, so I want a job to do with helping favorite animal are Cats, I even act like a cat sometimes, but I love it. I try my best to be nice to people even if there are mean, just until they take it to far. My first anime I watched Was Inuyasha! I want our world to be here for the future kids, I would say that writing makes you smart. I am a grown up, but still a child at the same time...well some times. I would love to buy all my fav anime movies and everything! I'm really not sure about what I want to be as I get older. I can never stay with one thing, I hope I will find it out soon. Some times I wish my life is an anime, most people must want that too. I want to be a beautiful maiden that is saved by a knight just like in fairy tails. But sadly life is not a fairy tail for people like me and many others. I believe I'm like this because I do not have any romance in my life. But that's nothing to be talked about. I feel like a cat right now...I want to take a cat nap so I can have more energy at the moment. Life is sweet for those who take it in one moment at a time, and hopefully It will be a wonder for all!

I'm 19 now, It's been a while since I've been on here ( I forgot my password ). Well most of what is written above is still true, instead of listing what hasn't changed I'll list off what has changed. I've gotten into T and M stories ( Shawni rubbed off on me over the years) My story choices have expanded quite a bit, and I've also been interested in categories other than Animes. I have my own laptop Yay! I just graduated from High School ( and No I did not fail ) I'm planing on going to college for Fashion Design ( but not right away, can't afford it ), I wanted to go for Animals at first( still Love them ) I have a new attitude. I know that I'm not the smartest person out in the world ( Growing up I believed I was top dog or something like that ) I know life is not a fairy tail, but sometimes you have those (fairy tail istic ) moments and that makes life a bit more fun. Sadly I'm still not in a relationship ( I was, but that didn't last long ) I've got a few guys " lined up "but they are just not what I'm looking for ( even if it's a small flaw ) I'm looking for a spark or fireworks to go off. I know I make it hard for myself to find that one person, but I want the one that's truly for me alone. I love to nap, but I've had to cut back on the napping ( I was making Sleeping beauty look like child's play ) I mean I could sleep for days if I was left alone. I have two siblings Tess(16) and Jay(18). I will try my best to write good stories but I will need some help with a few things (spelling is not my strong point, never has been) I would love ideas and inspiration to finish stories also. I never really finish a story so that's something I want to improve on. (I can't think of anything else to put down)

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