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So I've decided that I'm going to actually make use of this page. Fancy that. And not just in the way that I did before, but with up for info and stuff. Amazing, right?

So I closed them poll, and the results for the 3 stories you all want me to continue are: Unusual Circumstances, To Come Back Again and Second Life. As such, those will be the main stories I will be working on, though I will work on Retrace every so often as someone did like it...


Unusual Circumstances: Chapter 6 is about seventypercent doe at this rate, right now I'm just kind of cleaning it up and adding more details. Like I've said, it would be great if there we're someone who knew a lot aboutthe Hellboy universe helping me out here...

To Come Back Again: This isn't going as well as it should... I'm not the best at writing fight scenes, though I do have big plans for the next couple of chapters. I might possibly be reposting chapters six and seven to incorporate new elements... Maybe just seven...

Second Life: All right, I lied. There was a part of this chapter I ended up writing because I really wanted to, and it's kinda important to the plot; plus, the Diagon Alley chapter is quite long, and I thought it would be better to split this chappie into two. You'll still like it, though! (I hope)

So, no matter how many times I try, the link to the cute Draco and Lucius won't save on the chappie, so here it is:


All-Time Favorites

I've always wanted to write a little section on my page dedicated to what I believe are some of the best stories that have been written (it also may include authors). If any of you have some good stories to recommend, just pm me; I'd love to read them. (I like a lot of topics, so feel free to recommend a whole variety).

Stories will be added on as I go through my list or are recommended to me by others.


Any Way You Want It: Ponyboy '92

Category: D.Gray-man

Genre: AU, high school, bands, humor

Status: On-going

This is quite the story. The author has been able to write the personalities of the main characters quite well while adjusting them as their emotions in the story develops. Well-written, the author has great grammar and a well-developed plot-line; they take the often-used idea of creating a band and add their own style and twist to it, making the reader want to continue it. Though updates do take a while to come out, chapters are generally 4,000 words or more per chapter, so it's worth the wait. (However, if you are not a fan of same-sex couples, this story may not be to your liking.)

A Magical World (and its two sequels): Miranda Flairgold

Category: Harry Potter

Genre: new school, vampires and other non-humans, action and adventure

Status: 2 out of 3 complete

If you are a Harry Potter fan, this story will definitelycapture your attention. The author has a strong plot-line, and their knowledge of magic is quite high. They incorporate new elements and different branches/types of magic that are either barely hit upon in the canon series or are of their own creation. Also, the introduction and creation of OCs is very well thought-out, the OCs each having a well-developed personality. While at first you may be discouraged by the grammar (I was too), it is highly recommended that you push past that, for an incredbile story unfolds, despite the "Harry-Goes-To-A-New-School" plot beignoften used; it mighht just be one of the better ones written (and there are a lot of amazing storries of the same topic). The only downside is that the author has yet to update that's two chapters of the third and final part of the trilogy.

The Pureblood Pretense: murkybluematter

Category: Harry Potter

Genre: somewhat AU, Fem-Harry, secrets,

Stauts: Complete, with a sequel (and possibly more) in the making

The author of this story introduces an interesting new plot many we've seem before. Creating a universe of their own, the author brings the idea of whabelief would be like for a female Harry. I can't say too much without giving it away, but there are many humorous moments throughout the story, and the development of the characters and their developing relationships with other characters is pretty dang good. Plus, the author creates a unique way of integregating parts of the Harry Potter series that we see as a normal part of any fanfic and twists it on its head, bringing to light a new way to see the Wizarding World. There is currently a sequel to this story, The Serpentine Subterfuge, and it is brilliant so far.

An Aunt's Love: Emma Lipardi

Category: Harry Potter

Genre: angst, humor, a caring Aunt Petunia, acting, a for-the-better-Harry

Status: On-going

Most of you have probably read this story already, seeing as how amazing it's turned out. If not, then this fic will be a real treat for you. The author has created a story in which there is a more in-depth explanation regarding Harry. They also incorporate a more concerned Petunia, an idea which I haven't seen too much. Regardless of this possible scarcity, the author does an excellent job in creating a plot tdoes does what implies. Also, the character developments in this story are very well done and the integration of OCs into the story is much more fluid than most stories.

Roses are red, Violets are blue,

Night always comes with a darkening hue.

With the cracks and the clangs and those sickening bangs,

Another life ends, so unfair, so untrue.

And its all because of

Those who have lost and those who don't care,

The ones who blame others for their lives that aren't fair.

An innocent life to come and to go,

So quick and so fleeting

Just from one single beating.

If you're against the abuse of a child,

don't just stand there as they take it all the while.

Put up a fight and put up a stand.

The life of a child could be in your hands.

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