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My OC Information:

Name: Sandy

Gender: Female

From: Florida (just moved to Clamburg at the beginning of “The New Girl”)

Friend or Foe: Depends on who she is around. When she’s around Marvin and her other classmates (except Vendetta and Charlotte) she is a friend, helping them most of the time when Vendetta makes a fiend. But Vendetta hates her, and she might even be scared of Sandy, worried that she’ll end her directorship. Sometimes she can also be Charlotte’s foe, although the blue girl rarely notices it when Sandy hates her

Color: Red

Appearance: Always wears t-shirts and jeans, never a dress, and she has short hair

Personality: She can be nice, depending on who she is around. She is more angry with Vendetta than afraid of her. She even dreams of taking the town from the green girl, but the only one who knows this is Marvin, who really doesn’t like that idea. He hates the thought of her getting hurt. She isn’t afraid to stand up to Vendetta, especially when she is tormenting Marvin. She doesn’t care about Vendetta’s fiends, and even killed a few on purpose because they were threatening her or Marvin. She hates both Vendetta and Charlotte for different reasons

Age: Same age as Marvin

Parents: Rose (mother) and Billy (father)

Siblings: Two older brothers (Scott and Mike) who still lives in Florida

Love interest: Marvin (they are in a relationship, but secretly Charlotte doesn’t approve of them because she wants to watch out for her “friend”, Sandy)

Additional Info: Her parents sent her to Clamburg so they could travel the world. She is living with her cousin, James and his parents. When she first came to town, she was scared of Vendetta, haven’t even seen her then. But when she saw that Marvin was terrified of her, she decided that she had to stand up for him. Very rarely he does the same for her. She loves to listen to music when she is alone, but the only ones who knows this is her cousin and Marvin, and she’s even introduced a few songs to Marvin that he likes

Name: James

Gender: Male

From: Florida (used to live right next door to Sandy before he moved to Clamburg)

Friend or Foe: Friend to the kids without doubt, but of course Vendetta doesn’t like him

Color: Light gray

Appearance: Short hair and wears a shirt, pants, and a hat; he is never seen without his hat

Personality: Very nice and is scared for Sandy, knowing that she will stand up to Vendetta, especially when she threatens Marvin. He tries looking out for her, having been there longer. But Sandy hates it when her younger cousin watches out for her. James can befriend someone easily (well, not Vendetta, of course, although he probably could if he really wanted to be her friend). He is not as annoying as Charlotte, but he has some things in common with her, being nice and friendly and cheerful, though he knows to run away and hide from a fiend

Age: Two years younger than Sandy

Parents: Brooke (mother) and Harry (father)

Siblings: None

Love interest: Charlotte; he’s impressed that she’s not dead yet

Additional Info: His cousin is Sandy, who is living with him and his parents. He’s not as scared as everyone else, but he is wary of Vendetta and doesn’t like her. He hates clams but doesn’t want to speak out and eats them so he doesn’t get in trouble

Names I'd be called if I lived in a Clan!

ShadowClan cat:

Snowheart (Medicine Cat): white she-cat with light gray stripes down her flanks and blue eyes

Silverfeather (Warrior): silver she-cat with dark gray stripes and green eyes

SkyClan cat:

Blackwater (Medicine Cat): very black she-cat with green eyes

Mousestep (Warrior): brown she-cat with amber eyes

WindClan cat:

Moonstripe (Medicine Cat): silver she-cat with darker silver stripes and blue eyes

Smokepelt (Warriors): gray she-cat with green eyes

ThunderClan cat:

Rockfur (Medicine Cat): black she-cat with amber eyes

Flamefur (Warriors): ginger she-cat with green eyes

RiverClan cat:

Grasscloud (Medicine Cat): light brown she-cat with amber eyes

Mudpelt (Warriors): brown she-cat with darker stripes and blue eyes

Other names I would be called, if I lived outside the Clans!

Tribe cat- Mist of Cold Night (Mist, Prey Hunter): dark gray she-cat with blue eyes and the tips of her ears are black

Kittypet- Angel: sleek and swift black-and-white she-cat with bright blue eyes and soft fur, since she's not six moons old yet

Loner- Silver: pale silver she-cat with blue eyes, lives just outside a Twolegplace

Rogue- Crow: black she-cat with a torn ear and scratches covering her body

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