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Welcome to my account! I currently have three stories published, and I'm working on another that will take a LONG time... I only write one-shots, and I'm not much of a writer, at that. I have terrible work ethic, and little motivation. I should probably put in a general disclaimer here too, yeah? Meh.

I do not own nor claim to own any of the books/manga/anime/games that I write about. All of those things belong to their respective owners (there is an unspoken 'duh' at the end of this sentence, now spoken).

About me:

Screen name: Disk 9, Crystallia (not the one on fanfic, this is my only account. I'm Crystallia elsewhere... Occasionally)

Real name: Pfft, like I'll tell you that.


I'm going to pull a Kakashi here.

I have many likes, a few dislikes, I have one hobby, and my dreams are none of your business. I have some friends, a few enemies, and no crushes. Oh, and I used to be HPTICP Fan. In case you're wondering.

About my stories:

Lessons from a Monkey:

This is actually my first fanfiction. I'm quite proud of it, even though there are some parts that could have been better. It's definitely not my absolute best work, but I think that as a very first work, it's fairly good. When I finally get around to writing my fourth fic, I might go back and edit this. Might.

The Life and Times of Vine Bottle:

As fics go, this is probably my worst fic yet... It's completely random, no plot at all, pure crack. Well, it was meant to be a birthday fic... *shrugs* Oh well. I'm going to leave this as it is so I can wince over it in a few years. If I'm still around, that is.

Birthday Boy:

Well, I missed Hibari's birthday, so of course I needed to do something for Mukuro, right? I started this about a week before Mukuro's birthday... I didn't know it was his birthday until Vino told me over Skype... I suppose it's a bit rushed... and hard to follow... but definitely better than Vine Bottle. Maa... I might go over this again if I write something for Hibari's birthday. Maybe. Bah, who am I kidding? I'm not motivated enough to edit it. Nor am I paid enough. In fact, I'm not paid at all... but that's beside the point.

This 'Mysterious' Fourth Fic:

So... I was gonna try something that a reviewer suggested... but it didn't quite work out. I got a measly 100 words out, and hit a massive dam. I'm chipping at it, but I've barely made any progress. The hole I've got is about 27 centimeters deep, barely a pockmark in a 18 meter thick concrete wall. And that's all I'll tell you. I've also run out of motivation to keep chipping... Hopefully it'll get published next year. Or the year after that. Maybe.

( )_( ) When I write Bunny normally
(='.'=) Bunny always seems to disappear
(")_(") so now I'm writing next to Bunny.

This is Bunny. BOW DOWN TO BUNNY! Then copy and paste Bunny into your profile to help Bunny gain world domination.

Anywho, I appreciate anyone who took the time to read that (and this).

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