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Dantelover is a writer and avid reader. ok well, I'm a obsessed reader and writer. My book collection rivals that of a library. I shit you not. I love the feel of a book in my hands. Its original. Classic. Just like hand writing letters to someone. I am content to stay at home, but I do not live under a rock. I enjoy nights out, a local pub sitting in a dark corner listening to good music while nursing a heiniken or a whiskey. I love to sit in the park, a coffee shop or a book store to read or write. I admit Crowds bloody freak me out and clowns are the scary fuckers;) Don't laugh. They are. Anyone thats seen killer clowns from outer space can vouch for that insane shit... I'm unbareably self conscience. As for love For me its the person. There soul thats draws me in. NOT there sex. Male...female makes no matter to me. Its the person that matters. I hate labels...straight, is love and its beautiful. Said that, i know all to well the fears of coming out to friends, family...even admiting it to yourself. Its different for every soul. I also know all to well that fate can be a cruel bitch. Hence why I am sucker for the HEA's.

Here are some of my favorite authors and are varied from old to new. Dante Alighieri , Emily Bronte, Jane Austin, Salinger, Thomas Hardy, C.S. Lewis, Alcott, Sara Gruen, Dennis Wheatly, Gus de Maupassant, Giovanni Boccaccio, J. M.Barrie, E. M.Forster, Margaret Atwood, Martin Armis, David Foster Wallace, Jeffery Eugenides, Stephen King, Tolkien, Dororthy Sayers, Shakespeare, Graham Green and yes, Stephanie Meyers. yes, i am a twilight reader and wave my flag proudly along with my geek flag. Dont judge. But, since i have discovered this awesome site i have so many new favorite authors here. Each author here is unique in there style of writing and each gifted with the pen.

As mentioned before I do write as well and have since I was a wee one. I am always with a book in my hand or a pen and, now a lap top. I have written over a dozen stories. some short, some long, but sadly I have yet to post any here yet. I will soon...hopefully. I am looking forward to any and all thoughts on my work. I take the good with the bad, but i will warn you there is a certain amount of drama in my stories, but never fear for all my characters get there happy endings. In reality HEA'S are so very rare so after a some trouble my characters get that HEA, but its earned. Its the challege, the hardness of achieving the HEA that make its worth it and more cherished. Oh, and fair warning...I love writing love scenes. The soft love making kind to hot carnal ravaging. I am not shy there folks. (Wiggles eyebrows)...I'm also love some YUMMY SLASH...;) Both reading and writing it.

As for depends on my mood, but my absolute favorite is Van Morrison. I have ever single one of his albums. I love classic piano from Thomas Tallis, Chopin, Prokofiev, Beethoven , Mozart to old rock, Johnny cash, elvis, Beatles, Buddy Holly, Jerry lee Lewis to John lee Hooker, Elmore James, Aero smith, Rolling stones, Metalica...60's, 70's some 80s to early 90's nirvana, bush to todays rock like kings of leon, rock, jazz, blues, irish music and very little of country or rap.'m a fan of old movie. you know the ones still in black and white. the old glamor of hollywood. some westerns and that is only because my folks fed me John Wayne while growing up. It sort of grew on me. yes, i am a geek and therefore love anything sci trek, fire fly, aliens, matrix and anything awesome you can think of doing while in outer space. I love horror movies. the classics for me are the original Freddy movies and Halloween movies. Jaws...uh...classic. one of my favorite movies is Last tango in Paris...risky for the time it was released, but one of the sexiest movies ive seen. I am a jack nicholson fan. no one does crazy better than him. Umm...yes, i like the twilight movies, but love the books moon is my favorite book then breaking dawn. 'remember me' because its a reminder of whats important in life and that the finger prints of our loved ones that leave us behind never fade from our lives. Moulin rouge, water for elephants because its a story being told from a 90 something man of his wonder life being in the circus while in the great depression and finding love. something to fight for. Little ashes, How to be. I am a HUGE fan of independent movies. Indie movies. you know the ones that are not box office hits and nothing explodes in it but carry a weight on there own. yes, i even like the Harry potter movies. goblet of fire is my favorite because dragons are just bloody cool. lord of the rings and so on. There's really to many to name.

So, until I post...cheers. I wish you and yours the best.


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