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Name: Wraith ... or is it Reaper? {Madara: *sarcasm* Your indecisiveness is so comforting.}

Age: Currently 28 but is subjected to change every 365 days (366 on a leap-year)

Country: Australia

deviantART: link

I love cosplaying, my favourite character to cosplay? Itachi Uchiha. I have an Akatsuki cosplay and an Edo Tenshi cosplay. I'm also planning on doing ANBU Itachi at some time. I'm also into RPing and a day rarely goes by where I'm not RPing on FB messaging or Skype with my Deidara and Sasori.

Nature observation: I'd like to offer you my observation on the deplorable creature commonly know as The Flamer. Now The Flamer is a rather vane and nasty creature, it likes to believe that it is better than any other creature it will encounter. One such creature The Flamer may encounter is known as The Writer (not to be confused with The Troll). The behaviour of The Flamer when encountering The Writer is, at times, amusing (this is especially so when the encounter is with a Writer who has a strong personality). The Flamer will attack with generic insults and pitiful threats (all of which are, usually, poorly spelled). Sadly the reasons behind The Flamer's unmitigated attacks are little more than jealousy. You see, many Flamers like to pretend (or even believe) that they are Writers, unfortunately however the quality of their work leaves little to be desired and in their own twisted little minds believe that by "Flaming" the work of a natural Writer, they will be able to feel better about their own work. It is a sickness that is quite prolific within Flamer society called "Tall-Poppy Syndrome" {the desire to bring down others to your level or below with the use of insults and false words in order to make yourself feel 'taller'.}

Note: There is a more cowardly sub-species of The Flamer known as The Anonymous Flamer though they act in much the same way as their cousins, they prefer not to be 'seen', instead they attack without leaving any way for The Writer to "size-them-up" as it were.

A pet peeve of mine: Original Characters ... Yes, yes I know I'm guilty of having one (several actually, but they have their own stories not in any animeverse)
What is it about OC's that annoy me? Well it's a list.
1) Names. The names of your OC are important, using Western names in a purely Eastern cultured world just shows your ignorance.
2) "Perfect Characters". Also called Mary-Sue's or Gary-Stue's (Although Mary-Sue's are more common as most creators are female.)
3) Just for the hell of it! ... An OC that makes you go, "Why the hell is this character even here?" Serving no purpose except for the writer's ego. (often writer Self-Insert)
4) Romantic interests. Often falls into the category of Mary-Sue and Self-Insert.
OC's can ruin a story for me, especially when they take over the story ... For example:
"WTF?? This is supposed to be a story about Sasuke/Itachi ... Who the hell is 'Saphire Emani Uchiha'??! ... Oh? She's supposed to be their younger sister, born three days after the massacre? And they're both in love with her? ... She was ANBU at four? ... WTF? She's had the Eternal Mangenkyou Sharingan since she was two? ... And she has the Rininngan gifted to her by the Rikudo Sennin himself? ... She's a vampire goddess of the sun? ... ??? ... She's the reason Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara fought to the death? ... All the Biju are her pets? ... She's the Kage's most trusted confidant? ... The Akatsuki do what ever she want's? ... What the hell happened to the SasuIta yaoi goodness that this started off as?"
... Yeah.

OC's are good when they are used correctly, such as, children of cannon characters, plot devicers (poke and a prod to to get the plot [or main character] going where you want it when you can't use a cannon character.) CRACK fics! OC's are brilliant for crack fics, you can go wild.

Favoured Music: Three Days Grace, Skillet, Nickleback, Linkin Park, Nightwish, Disturbed

Favorite Anime: (Will be updated when ever I see some new anime or when I remember the names) Trinity Blood, Darker Than Black, Samurai Deeper Kyo, InuYasha, Black Cat, Hellsing, Devil May Cry, Vampire Hunter D, Naruto, Code Geass, D.N.Angel, Bleach, Trigun, Kuroshitsuji, D.Grey-Man, Full-Metal Alchemist, Yu Yu Hakushou, Soul Eater, Durarara

Favorite Anime Characters: (Will be added to ... whenever)

Trinity Blood

Able Nightroad aka Crusnik (such a klutz, but he makes it look good)

Tres Iqus aka Gunslinger

Leon Garsia De Asturias aka Dandelion (he just pulls a big ass bazoka outa nowhere!)

Astharoshe Asran

Darker Than Black

Hei aka Black Reaper

Samurai Deeper Kyo

Demon Eyes Kyo (I like the red eyes)

Sanada Yukimora


Sasuke (he's so cute and short!)


Alucard (come on, who doesn't?)


Itachi (well duh!)










Quote by Me: Anime ... the staple if life ... just like chocolate!!

(People, insanity is not uncommon, quite frankly I believe that the only way we can function in this crazy world is to be a little insane.)

Other Completely Random Stuff.

Wraith: Hmm, what to say about me? Well, I love reading.

Reaper: State something obvious, why don't I. Duh!

Wraith: Yup! I do, do that sometimes! I constantly talk to myself.

Reaper: I try to refrain from doing so out loud.

Wraith: And people call me weird.

Reaper: At least I admit it.

Wraith: Yeah, yeah. Now shush, before everyone thinks I'm insane.

Reaper: Not insane, just crazy.

Wraith: Hey, that reminds me of a song!

Reaper: *sigh* Here we go ...

Wraith: singing* I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell, I know, right now you can't tell ...

Reaper: Shut up! God! That's going to be stuck in my head now!

Wraith: Well sorry! I'll shut up then! ... I'll go play with Hidan and Danzo, if you don't want me around. *leaves*

*a while later, in the distance*

Voice 1: *screaming* Oh, God ... please! ... No more!

Voice 2: The only god here is Jashin-Sama ... and he won't be inclined help you any time soon, Danzo.

Danzo: *whimpers*

Wraith: *disappointed* Oh ... that can't be all you can take?! Hidan and I have barely even started!

Hidan: *just as disappointed* You're supposed to be the 'All powerful' leader of Root ... aren't you?!

Danzo: *...*

Wraith: ... Hmm, I think he's unconscious.

Hidan: ... Che, Pathetic.

More Random Crap

Ashtaran: I will never understand mortals.

Kyuubi: What's to understand?

Ash: My creator is insane and she made me half insane.

Wraith: Insanity is just a figment of your mind.

Reaper: Says my insane half.

Wraith: How do you know which half is insane?

Reaper: ... Well there's your problem!

Kyuubi: I'm confused.

Ash: Either they are both insane or it jumps.

Kyuubi: I hope it doesn't jump to me.

Ash: I think it's just shared between those two ... I hope ...

Pein: Then you're all screwed.

Kyuubi: What about you?!

Pein: Me? ... I'm a ninja ... insanity is a prerequisite for the job.

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