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Joined Aug '10

Nickname: Geli, Gels, Bells, Hells Bells, Geli Belli

Age: Do you want actual or mental age, cause if you want mental age that tends to change at any given moment

Fave Quotes: "I am a sarcastic pain in the bum or what?" "Do you know -I told you so has a brother?- -His name is Shut the hell up!" "If their considered sane then thank insanity I am not!" "Shh! No one is suppose to think I'm good...got it! *too late*"

4/12/13 - OMG! NOT AGAIN! - I should really start charging certain people for the pics I make, remake, remake, and remake AGAIN for! The things I do for my friends. Anyways so now I am up to my neck with orders for remakes from 3 people which will equal about 60 pics or so plus about 24 of my own I want to re-size! Its a good thing I really like editing pics or as I call it - making frankesteins! LOL!

1/25/13 - Plotting ideas/working on the 1st chapter of the 1st idea (GYHAB) Although I am still fairly certain that my idea #5 (NWWS) has little or no similar stories...at least that I have seen?

1/20/13 - Got 7 great ideas for fics just need to iron out the story lines for each of them. Here are the characters they will be based off...comments welcome:

As you you may or may not have noticed the pics have something of a "watermark" on them of my own creation. I did this because I edited/make these pics into something of my own which I have done before only to see them in multiple peoples albums on photobucket which isn't horrible! However, I like to think (and usually do) put a lot of effort/thought into my pics so I made them "safe"! An idea that came to me as I was trying to sleep sometimes between 3am and 4 am! I got the instructions on how to create a "watermark" from a search result but did the work offline!

1/1/13 - STORY IDEA IN THE MAKING - Ok so keep having a series of dream that are basically the same as in they involve fictional worlds and myself(?)! These worlds include Charmed, Doctor Who(11th Doctor) and possible a third but I am unsure atm. So there is inkling of a start now to fix the story line!

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