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Bio Fav: Stories
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Hey! This is Noisy_Laugh! X3

As you can see in my account I don't write stories, I just read them. I love a good story, especially ones that can make me laugh. I find the joy in a good fic and love to get my brain hooked into a unique plot. So anyways, yeah I guess I could say that I'm a very happy person who loves to just read and stuff.

Favorite Food: I love ice cream! That is my favorite food! I do not care if it is a dessert, I consider it food! So boo hoo people!

Favorite manga/anime: Naruto, Hapi Mari, Last Inning, 7 seeds, Hetalia and Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Favorite Television shows: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Don't knock it till ya try it. It is a pretty good show), Pawn Stars, Mythbusters, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Scrubs, and South Park

Favorite Comic: Calvin & Hobbes! I love Calvin and Hobbes! The best!

Favorite Musicians/ bands: Owl City, Utada Hikaru, Kanon Wakeshima, On/Off, and a lot of J-Pop and K-pop(with a side of Korean rap.) or just about anyone except for those that sing heavy metal and screamo. Screamo gives me headaches...

Favorite Quote: "I do believe history repeats itself. It just takes a special person to put an end to it and strive for a new dawn and a better future."

Favorite Movies: Water For Elephants, African Cats, Horrible Bosses, and The Fall

That about does it!

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