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Name: Just call me Rose

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How I Met Tadashi Hamada

Summary: From the day Masashi Nishino moved to San Fransokyo, he knew his life would take an interesting turn the minute he met the Hamada brothers. Life is good. Life is sweet. But when a series of events occur things begin to change and tension begins to rise. And looks are decieving when they discover that Masashi's professor has more sinister agendas...

Rating: T

Pairing(s): Tadashi x OC

Fandom: Big Hero 6

Kingdom Hearts II

Summary: Sora and his long time friend Aryon have been in a deep slumber after the events of Chain of Memories. In order of them to fully awaken two young teens residing in Twilight Town: Roxas and his best-friend Ryon are the keys to their awakening. Unaware that their summer vacation is coming to an abrupt end.

Pairing(s): Sora x OC, Kairi x OC (different OC!)

Rating: T

Kingdom Hearts

Summary: We're going back in time to the very beginning. To a very young Sora and Aryon. Two young boys living in peace on their island not knowing the incredible journey that awaits. A journey that will test friendship and beyond. A test of temptation. How far you will go to get what you desire most. The door has been opened. Now all that is left is for them to step through, to save not just Destiny Island but all other worlds in threat of the Darkness.

Rating: T

Night of Magic

Summary: Nathaniel 'Nathan' Jung has always felt something 'strange' about the Natural History Museum. He just didn't know how strange it really was. After being locked inside on accident one fateful night, he along with Larry Daley-a family friend-realize that things really are more 'alive' after all.

Rating: T

Fandom: Night at The Museum

Hello, thought I'd update my profile...again.

I've been writing for several years now, with hopes to become an author. I'm starting to gradually drift away from fanfiction, to focus on my original works. But I'm not giving up on it oh no. Fanfiction is and always will be my special hobby. I have learned so much, from other writers probably more than I'd learn from an actual teacher. Given fantastic tips/advice that I still think about, even as an adult. I'm a major fan of OC's, so you'll find a lot of my works contain them. Or pop up in between should I write, a canonxcanon story.

Ao3 has become my new 'place' of late, as you'll find many of my new works on there to. Look me up if you're curious @SynchronicityRose . I've also a personal Twitter, but I only give that away to those I trust and deem as a friend. Nothing personal, just out of caution. Far as flames go, I'm not okay with them. It's one thing to not like a story, that's your God given right. But what is not okay, in my opinion, is to go so low as to lower a writer's self-esteem to the drain. There is such things as respect and courtesy.

My favorite actors include: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Luke Evans, Ben Barnes and Rami Malek

Favorite Directors: Tim Burton and I kind of like Henry Sellick after watching Coraline, a few years ago /Now my favorite movie/

Favorite Book: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Short Stories, by Washington Irvine

Favorite Movie: Sleepy Hollow ('99)

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