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your now looking at the profile of the 9-Tailed Reaper

im in my 20's (yes im a old man lol)

im a fan of naruto ,hellsing and various other anime as well as mma and pro wrestling in general(way too many companies/federations to list)

my favorite characters from the naruto franchise



Sakura and Ino and Tayuya a 3way tie

(will most likely look at naru/tayu stories right away cuz i feel she and the rest of the sound 5 were killed off way too soon)

Karui & Samui are a tie



Kabuto as my favorite villain

anyway im currently collecting naru x saku stories as alot of them ive read since joining this site a long while back were rather good and the whole naru x hina thing seems to make me violently ill for some reason

im also working on my 1st story for the site to be called "Meeting with a lunatic" which will feature a good non pedophile Orochimaru, were-fox Naruto and good Itachi as well as "Audition"Hinata (for you Asian Horror/suspense fans out there ) and a more evil Mizuki among other things

I'll upload as soon as I can settle on some ideas for parts of the story


I decided to add my most hated pairings

Sasuke Uchiha and anyone or thing other than his slow and painful death or torture

Naruto and Hinata is so overwhelmingly boring and people forget she stalks him and since when has stalking someone been cute and not creepy or a crime

Hinata and anybody as she really needs to get over her social problems first

Naruto and Older people in general ... lets face it its pedophilia no matter what you do

KibaHina...nuff said

GaaHina ... so serial killer turned goodguy who prior to becoming Kazekage just gained his sanity back + shy stalker = WTF

Sakura , Ino and Tayuya being with anyone who isnt Naruto

And with that the end of my profile until i can think of other things to place here

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