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Hi! I've left my page completely blank for months now, not even bothering to touch it, but now I'm going to fill it in b/c I'm bored and I realized how depressing it was. Let's get to the basics for now:

First off, Nicole isn't my real name (technically.) My first name is highly recognizable, and my mom is really protective, and since Nicole is very common, I'm allowed to use it as it's my middle name. So. Here we go.

Name: Nicole (Athough if you really need to know this after you've read my username and my name rant above, you have serious memory problems.)

Hair: Black with subtle (natural) red-brown highlights, Long, Thick, & Curly (But completely un-managable, and as conceited as this sounds, I've met very few -as in one or two- people with hair similar to mine. I'm actually very proud of it.)

Eyes: Dark brown, although they look black. One of my eyes has more skin around it than the other one, and makes it look bigger, even though they're the same. I wear glasses though, so not many people realize that.

Stature: Short, Strong, Skinny but I'm not a stick figure.

Shoe size: No clue. I have average sized feet.

Fave/Least Fave Books: HP & The Hunger Games/I don't really read a book if I don't like the first chapter, so I don't really have a least favorite book.

Hm... Now I'm bored with this. I'll finish it... um... Later.



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