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Harry Potter fan. Ginny is the only one for Harry in my eyes. Recently saw a bunch of stories for Harry / Cho. AHHHHHRRRRGGG. Burn my eyes out, gag me with the proverbial spoon! Why would Harry want Little Miss Prissy, who tried to defend her traitorous friend. And Harry / Hermione is just PLAIN WRONG! It's like incest! You've got to be kidding.

Really believe in canon pairings. Can't stand Draco, sorry, he's a pure slime ball. And sorry I can't stand Scorpius and Rose. There is nothing really in the books that indicate they will be together, same with Lily Luna and Teddy, the age difference is too great for me at the ages most try to pair them together. I'm fairly certain Teddy is not a pedophile. Besides, Teddy loves Victorie, read the DH epilogue. Another pairing I'm coming to love is Katie Bell and Oliver Wood. Of course these are just my views so take them for what they're worth.

Pretty new to FanFiction but love reading stories of missing moments. A romantic at heart, love a happy ending. Too old for my own good, too young at heart to keep out of trouble, a decent shot, have taught the use of long edged weapons, Love a good cigar and a fine craft beer. I'll always tell you the truth and I am not ashamed of anything I've done. A few regrets but such is life. Advice given freely, all you need to do is ask.

Please review if you read any of my stories, reviews really make the effort worthwhile.


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Like I didn't know it already!

May 27th 2011: It is with a heavy heart that I wish to inform everyone of the passing yesterday afternoon, May 26th of Sheila Douglas, know to us here on FanFiction as GhostChicken. She was truly a wonderful lady, a true friend, a great critiquer and a pretty funny lady . She reached out to me and became a friend and *when I needed one the most. She encouraged me with my writing. She collaborated on several stories with Justanothermuggle and was working on some of her own.

She will be missed by me more than words can truly express.

Thanks Mum, for all you did for me. Love Ya, your adopted Son.

August 5th 2011 - OK! New pet peeve, I hate authors who feel it necessary to answer reviews in the story chapters. That's what the reply link is for when you receive the review. Please spare the rest of us from reading them. Please!

OK, that's my rant for the day!

December 6th 2011

Dear Readers it is with a heavy heart I tell you that I am having problems with my laptop where all my FanFiction stories are located, so it may be a while before I get to update some of them. Anyone who has computer expertise, feel free to contact me.

December 10th 2011

Fear not faithful readers, the computer guy was able to resurrect my laptop and save my FanFiction files! Though in the process my El Cheapo wireless router bit the dust (one to many reset seems to be the cause of death) but for now I've hooked up via a cable. A small price to pay for saving the computer. Maybe Santa will bring me a new one for Christmas.

December 18th 2011

The response to my latest chapter of Harry Loves Ginny and Ginny Loves Harry has had a high percentage of reviewers that would like it to be continued. So dear readers, I have added it to the list of stories that will be expanded to a full story. Update-1-16-12: I am taken by how many of you are pushing for different chapters / scenarios to be turned into full length multi-chapter stories. I'll probably do more of them as time permits and I finish stories that are underway. Please be patient if I haven't started you favorite chapter yet. I can only juggle so many story lines at once and have already made mistakes about which plot line I'm following in which story. The latest Chapter of Ties that Bind is a perfect example. (If you can't figure it out on your own, don't ask, I'm mortified enough as it is.

December 27th 2011

Dear readers, I apologize if you review the latest update to Love Story, it seems something is amiss with Fanfiction and when I try to reply all is get is an error message saying it can't find the review I'm trying to answer.

January 16th 2012

Because I find it redundant and a royal pain in the arse to include it in every story I write: I hearby declare for all my stories past, present and future (at least until the copyright expires) that the Harry Potterverse belongs to JK Rowling, I am here playing with her toys in her yard. I receive no monetary gain from any of my works. I write purely for my own enjoyment and the enjoyment of my readers. And anyone who thinks otherwise can kiss my patootie.

February 20th 2012

Just a comment on those who review, especially negatively and then block private messages, at least have the balls to get as good as you give, If you do so to me, leave review but not accept messages, I will block you. Nough said.

February 24th 2012

I was rereading the reviews for Homecoming and feel I need to adress the issue with the abuse Ginny unleashes on Harry. If anyone has ever seen or dealt with someone with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) you will see how true it could be. Ginny just as much as the others has gone through Hell, and it's understandable that she could be suffering from PTSD. I'm not trying to downplay or dismiss her actions, just trying to portray them realistically. If you doubt it, please do some research on the young people returning from serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, some of the stories will break your heart.

I work with a K-9 Search and Rescue Team and just a week ago we were involved in a search for a young lady who had returned from Iraq after serving in the Marine Corps. Though her service was several years ago, she had never recovered. Back in the beginning of January she had an argument with her family about receiving treatment and she fled the house. Unfortunately her absence wasn't all that unusual and it wasn't till the end of January when her car was finally found and towed did the family realize something horrible may have occurred. Her car was found in the vicinity of a favorite place she use to hang out as a kid, a trestle bridge over a major river. In her car was found her purse and cell phone, along with her pack with her Marine stuff. She has not been found and the worst is feared. So please do not belittle those suffering from PTSD because they often hurt others besides themselves. Thanks for listening.

February 26th 2012

If you think that people who copy and paste sayings from other profiles are stupid; copy and paste this on your own.

March 19th 2012 or for you people from across the pond, 19, March, 2012.

It has come to my attention that sometime last night the FanFic site has stopped sending notifications. So I got none after the first nine reviews of the new story I posted. I did go online this afternoon and read them but until things are straightened out, I'll not be sending our any responses. I just got confirmation from a friend that they didn't receive the notification about a PM I sent either. So things are right royally Bollocksed up.

March 27th 2012

Once again FanFiction seems to be on the fritz. Many have had problems getting to my latest update to Ties That he's a link that should work. If anyone has success or failure with it, please PM me.

April 16th 2012

It never ceases to amaze me that people will review, asking questions about the story and then when I go to reply, they have private messaging turned off, not allowing me to reply to their questions. Strange. Why ask questions if you can't receive the answers.

April 30th 2012

I want to take a moment to let my readers know that I will be moving by the end of the month, well actually the weekend of June 1st. That means that this next month may be fraught with planning, packing and just downright going insane. I will probably not be able to update as often, or who knows, since writing is how I deal with the craziness in my life, I may pour out ream after ream. Wish me luck.

August 2nd 2012

At long last I have posted an update, thank you all for your patience and understanding while I made this difficult transition in my life. All is not completely settled but things are at least calm enough to get back to writing.

December 11th 2012

I wish to thank all my readers for their understanding and patience this past year. It has been a very tumultuous one for me and still remains so, though things do seem to be evening out. I hope to get back to a more timely updating schedule.

February 28th 2013

Just an Update to everyone. I am not abandoning any of my stories and the good news includes I finally found my list of Harry Loves Ginny - Ginny Loves Harry scenarios and have started the next installment to that series. I have also started new chapters for the others and will post them when they are done. All I ask is patience as that darn real life keeps throwing things my way that take up a lot of my time. I appreciate all the reviews and PMs that keep me motivated to continue writing. Thank you to all of you.

February 16th 2016

Tried to add the link to see the bridesmaid dresses but no matter how I spelled it out, FF kept cutting off the first part of the address. Hope this works. Replace the (dot) with . and take out any extra spaces.

us (dot) asos (dot) com/Coast-Lori-Lee-Maxi-Dress-in-Cobalt-Blue/18xoxt/?iid=6253706&transaction_id=102f9077ae2190b8ab89cc4a261f8a&affid=14329&pubref=1015&istCompanyId=467dd896-9a62-42c2-84d9-be2d13921f66&istItemId=qmxaxwmlw&istBid=t&r=2&mporgp=L1Byb2Qv

April 4th 2016

Keep seeing so many new stories pairing Teddy with Lily Luna and I have to say I just can't see it. First off he's going to be growing up with her as a brother, a much older brother. He's 9 1/2 to 10 years older than she is, can you say pedophile. I know we can all write the wizarding world as we see it, but I just wish people would make it more realistic.

April 15th 2016

Just a note, replying to reviews was screwed up for a while and I couldn't respond. That issue has been fixed by Fanfiction and I hope I got all caught up, but I still am going back through my messages so I may find some more. Another pet peeve I have is Hermione / Draco pairings. How anyone could think that after the way he treated her all during school that she would have anything but loathing for him is beyond me. Draco is a spoiled brat bully with little to no redeeming qualities. Yes there are some women that go for that "bad boy" type but Hermione doesn't fit the profile. Plus I think Harry would disown her if she did and while she might risk Ron's friendship there is no way I see her risking Harry's. Okay, rant over.

May 30th 2016

Update on my Laptop - I'm supposed to get it back on Tuesday, hopefully. Also had car problems over the weekend and have to take that in on Tuesday morning. ARRRRGGGHHHH! So depending on if I get my car back, I'll be able to pick up my laptop, if it's ready.

September 24th 2016

Once again Fanfiction is have problems and I can not reply to reviews. I really hate when that happens and I hope everyone will understand and be patient. I promise to reply as soon as the problem is corrected.

October 15th 2016

Once again I have had a catastrophic computer crash. Right now I'm on a borrowed computer and I have no idea how long it will take to get things back up and running. I fear that all my files have been lost and that saddens me greatly. I"m also without email at the moment too. I'll try to keep you all apprised of my progress.

September 7th 2017

Just a reminder to guests. I have no way of replying to your reviews. If you want or expect a reply you must be registered and logged in. This has been a public service announcement on the WWN.

October 30th 2018

After a long hiatus I am back online. My laptop fried itself late afternoon on the 6th of this month and I mean fried with sparks and smoke. I had hoped to be able to switch out the hard drive with a similar older computer of the same make but when the person who was repairing my computer tried the old one went belly up too. Fortunately I was able to purchase a used laptop from them and they were able to install the old hard drive with minimum problems though they left on vacation before I had sufficient funds to pay for the repairs and had to wait until today for them to return.

June 27th 2020

What is it with all these stories that ship Hermione and Draco? He was a complete and utter arse especially towards Hermione. He was without a doubt a complete scumbag without any redeeming qualities. How anyone could see Hermione falling for him is beyond me. There is nothing that could be offered to compel me to read any story that has them together.

September 14th, 2022

Yes, it's me Epeefencer and contrary to rumors I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Due to many real life challenges it has been a while since I have had time to write but I did get something done and posted. I hope to post more often but who knows. I will be moving sometime in the next couple of weeks so that may slow things down. We'll just have to wait and see.

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