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as my name sugest...i rock!


Felicity (Loz191) is the bestest person in the world. I love my husband Shaun, we're gonna make cat/brain babies together. I LOVE TIM!!! lol jks im not Zoe.

Sup its ben...hehe why arent u at skwl? anyway I LOVE BOOKS AND BOOKS AND ...SHAUN...AND BOOKS AND THERE IS ANOTHER WEDDING HAPPENING!! Zoe and Fliiik. u better be there -.-

ok its natroxz again... what the hell people!!! u guys r soooooo freaking anoying!!! see this is what happens when you get your friend to make an acount for you. :l

Omg i am soooooooo mean cos i just left Zoe (llamalovesdragons) and Felicity (Loz191) and Cassie and Kelsey and Benjamin and Shaun my husband just so i could go to a stupid leadership camp for 9 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure my family is gonna forget about me and then forget to pick me up and that Felicity and Zoe have become best friends even though I only left 2 days ago!!!! But anyway... I AM THE MEANEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW this is not Loz191 hacking Natroxz's account *SHIFTY EYES*

Loz191 here all that is just sooooooo true

llamalovesdragons here ... Felicity's making me say something and i dont know what to say... dragons rule!!!

natrox... again... guys, stop hacking my account!!!!!!!!!!!

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