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Wow it's been awhile since I updated this. Here we go.

Currently I am single and living in Texas and working on getting a legal career going. More relavent to this domain, however, is the fact I am an otaku. I love anime, role playing, Star Wars (with a growing fondness for the Legacy era), Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, video games and, as you can probably guess, fanfiction. Other than that I must say anime and fan fiction eat up most of my free time, though work and the search for work is the big time devourer. I'm also interested in finding a role playing group to help better kill weekends.

I've also been reading the latest Star Wars series, Fate of the Jedi. Personally I hope to see the birth of the Imperial Knights here and to see Jagged Fel be enthroned in the Galactic Empire.

When it comes to music I like metal, rock, classical, Jpop and Jrock. Currently I have been listening to alot of Sabaton, Alestorm and Grave Digger. All good music and very inspiring. In fact that leads to the following.

DarkJackel's AMV Challenge:

Last I checked no one has made an AMV using Code Geass and the song Mordred's Song from Grave Digger's album Excalibur. There is no excuse for this. As such I am challenging anyone with the desire and skill to create such an AMV. To prove my case I will include the song's refrain taken from the web site http:///g/gravedigger.html which has the lyrics to their albums.

"Warrior with royal blood
Longing for the reign
Descended from a witches breed
Witchcraft in his veins

Leader of the underworld
Ruler of the night
Deceiver of kings
Deceiver of knights
Keeper of the secret reich
Keeper of the light
I am Mordred King of the night"

- Mordred's Song by Grave Digger

Story Updates:

Wild Knight: My rewrite is going well. I have two, maybe three fight scenes to write and need to introduce the rest of my cast. After alot of wrangling I have the groups I want and finished ironing out the plot issues. After the prologue and chapter one are done I should have infinitely less trouble writing the subsuquent chapters. I already have the following (proposed) chapters named.

Another project I am working on are a series of Star Wars fics set in three different eras creating what I hope will be an epic. The first fic, set in the KOTOR era, is in development and I have concepts for the second fic, set during the Clone Wars, and the third fic, set in the Legacy era.

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