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Hi everyone! As of yesterday, the last part of DTRT was posted on my private site. To get in, go to the site, use your WP credentials to view or request a pass. I normally give access right away.

05/17/2016 DTRT has been deleted from this site. If you wish to read and follow up, go to my main site: either google or copy/paste/remove blanks h t t p s : / / alphafang . wordpress . com for home page. Thank you all who has been reading Die Tonight; Rule Tomorrow here; I 'm afraid the ff net's restrictions on the content won't allow me to post any more of the new chapters, since they are heavy with explicit content.

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Abby's Corner Central

Die Tonight; Rule Tomorrow:

Ch 1: Testing The Waters

Ch 2: Unconventional Methods

Ch 3: Place Your Bets, Please!

Ch 4: In the Eye of the Beholder

Ch 5: On High

Ch 6: Interim Quiet

Ch 7: Into the Abyss

Ch 8: Over

Ch 9: Rest In Peace, Not In Heaven

Ch 10: History 1001

Ch 11: The Origins: What Am I?

Ch 12: Against All Odds

Ch 13: Colliding With Fate

Ch 14: The Right to Sacrifice

Ch 15: Closed Doors and New Windows

Ch 16: All the King's Horses

Ch 17: ... and All the King's Men

Ch 18: Dead Reckoning

Ch 19: The 11th Hour

Sunil, a DTRT Short

Ch 20: Taken

Ch 21: The Only Way Out Is Through

Ch 22: Ashes and Dust

Ch 23: Two Steps from Hell

Ch 24: Eyes Wide Open

Ch 25: Forgiven. Part 1: The Price of Freedom

Ch 25: Forgiven. Part 2: Clean Slate

Ch 26: Bound

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