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Questions you may have for me that I should probably answer:

Are you going to update your fics?

Maybe, maybe not. My username really does suit my style. This is just a bundle of my daydreams that I thought up, wrote on pieces of paper and finally got around to uploading. Therefore, I'm not really sure if I plan to continue any of these fics to completion. I'm really sorry if there are actually people who've read my fics and want them to keep going.

On that note, I want to say that any and all of my fics are up for adoption all of the time unless stated otherwise in the list below. If you want to adopt any of my fics except the ones that are specifically not up for adoption just send me a PM that says that you're adopting the fic, that you will have a little note saying that you've adopted this fic somewhere on the fic once it's posted on your account, and if you want to share your plans of where you want to take that fic then feel free!

* * Though I won't be regulating this, please make sure that you can write legible if you plan on adopting one of my fics. It would seriously pain me to see one of my fics turned into one of the badly written fics of this site. You all know what I'm talking about - bad grammar and punctuation, no sentence structure, random capitals so it looks like a kidnapper's note, and all those other really bad things. If you do have any of these problems and still want to adopt then please have an editor/beta/whatever so that what comes out is at the very least legible.

Fics currently NOT up for adoption:

- An Old Man's Wish

Why do you never answer your PMs?

Truthfully, I never noticed that I was getting them. Yes, I'm that dumb. You'd think I would know that having numbers in brackets next to the Private Messaging tab means I have PMs, but I just never noticed. Do I plan to answer them now that I've noticed them? I'm not sure, I mean I'm the most inactive active member of fanfiction.net that you will ever meet. Though, if it's a PM about adopting a story, I'll probably shoot you a "go ahead" and favorite your adopted baby so I can see how it progresses.

Favorite quotes:

"That's the best revenge of all: happiness. Nothing drives people crazier than seeing someone live a good f-ing life." - Chuck Palahnuik

"All women are werewolves. Seriously, once a month we all unleash the inner beast." - Me

"This is a book about growing up ambitious and engaging in some spectacularly imbecilic behavior... It's my hope that these "coming of age" stories will make readers laugh, and prove once and for all that a girl doesn't need a guy in her life in order to act like a complete idiot. Certainly I, at least, never have." - Susan Jan Gilman (Author's Soapbox, hypocrite in a pouffy white dress)

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