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Joined Aug '10

I am Nerasaur! Formerly known as DiverseAffections/xxkykawaiixx/KanameUchiha/RandomHyperness96

Name: Just call me Ky as in 'Kai'

Age: Wouldn't you like to know?

Likes: Neji, Hetalia, Assassin's Creed, Saints Row, L Lawliet, The OHSHC Members, Zero from Vampire Knight, Soul Eater Evans, Lucky Star Crew, The Hardyz, DX, Evan Borne, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, John Cena (to a certain extent...He may look good but he's on the edge with me..Speaking of edge..) Edge, Lita, Root Beer, sleeping in late, Music, Drawing, and more that will take forever to type.

Hate: Waking up early, when people act like I can't hear them when they're talking about me, annoying colors (Some of them CAN be annoying....), and other stuff I can't think of.

Who I Am: Well, I'm a weird person. I can go from listening to something that's really happy and fun to listening to something depressing and about death. My mood changes constantly with me going to different moods. (ex. Random, Sad, Upset, Hyper, Tired, Angry, Excited..so on) I am how I am.MYou can't change who you are and I'm pretty happy with myself right now. :)

I'm legitly sorry I haven't been posting. School and everything and I can go through major writer's block -_- I mean, I've had so many projects already and I've just been bleh. I want to write again but it's really complicated. If I ever do write again, it'll probably be more for me than anything.

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