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Hi! I'm sort of new to fan fic, I LOVE to read& write for my own enjoyment. Publish one day maybe,when I get brave enough,for the critiques. Personally,tho' I tend to like most wrestlers,some I have a prob. w/ their 'tude.But undertaker is mos' deffinally-my word-my all-time favorite an then some-LOL! As for me ,I have wavy,short brown hair and blue eyes.I wear glasses,stand around 5ft1" or so. Don't drive,but love to go if fundage is there.I love words,but don't feel you have to use a doz. if six will do,ya know. Not in to slash,not sure even what that is,but it doesn't sound good,nor am I into same sex stuff,just ain't my thang,if yours,fine we can agree to disagree. I like romance,historical romance,fantasy romance,hmmm,I detect a theme,here,lol. As for my age,mine to know an yours to guess,will tell day/ the month an 25th is the day. As I say,I've liked wrestling a loooonnnng time,since I was 10an how old I am now, we won't go into,lol. Just getting into 'puters so bear w/me,I'm tryin' to can contact me at my , if ya like. As Teddy Long says"Holla!" Takerfan925-that's me out.

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