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time too change NEW name ANIME PROUD im proud that I like manga and anime I just cant get enough of them.

My hobby's are swiming art and reading what I can get my hands on. and youtube

The manga I read are

Ouran high school host club

Millennium snow ( did you know Bisco Hatori also did this book to I wish she wood do more o will I got my wish : ) )

Vampire knight


Cardcaptor Sakura

The Cain saga ( God child )

Fruits basket

Death note


Cherry boy , that girl


and in yaoi darling ,I whant to be naughty , Green peace ,Seiryou Saikyou Monogatari ,Koisuru Boukun , Stay gold -Koi no lesson A to Z

Books I also like to read are as followe

Nancy Drew

The Hardy boys

ghost storys

anything with Anne Rice

and comics ( brother got me into DC and MARVEL thank you bro )

and you what I love too read fanfic it's my favret thing to do

Before I leave a good friend of mine saied that if she could ship a couple it would be Haruhi from ouran and Rita Kenshiro from stay gold -Koi no lesson A to Z and when I asked way? she said they just look cute together sounds ok to me.

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