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.Formally AngelicScream.

Hello, it's BuckityBarnes here, but you may call me Alexandra or Alex. I live in Canada and have for my whole life. As some of you might notice, all of my previous stories have been deleted. The explanation for that is just that I've grown really self conscious over my work, especially since it was pretty much trash. Although I have developed my writing style, vocabulary and plot ideas far from what I was doing before, it still isn't good enough for me to feel comfortable publishing. I also move on from fandoms on a very regular basis (last month I was really into everything Legolas from LOTR, and this month I'm really into James "Bucky" Barnes from Captain America) so it's really hard to write a story and then stick to it for a number of chapters (I just can't write one shots, I don't know why).

Hopefully I'll start publishing stories again soon, but until I find the motivation and confidence to do so I guess I'll just stick with reading and appreciating others' work :)

If you ever wish to contact me it can either be through a PM or by my e-mail: thelovelywrittentruth@

If you want, you can also follow me on my tumblr or instagram

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