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Joined Aug '10

Birthday: 6/25

Listening to: Lost in All Thoughts All Alone

House: Ravenclaw/Horned Snake

Wand: Alder wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 " and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility

Tumblr : jayswing96. tumblr. com/

Deviantart : jayswing96. deviantart. com/

Twitter : aijia96 Twitter

Archive of Our Own: archiveofourown. org/users/jayswing96

Profile Pic: Delsin Rowe's Tattoo

Currently: Trying to go through college.

Disclaimer: I do not own or make any money off of anything that is officially owned by their respective owners.

Links: If links don't work just copy and paste them while deleting any spaces, or search it up by the name shown.

I am an avid reader (as you can see from my favorites...by the way I need to file through those). I love to draw and my mind tends to wander. I have a hard time concentrating and often find myself being distracted. I also tend to have a bad habit of procrastinating and not working one something until the night before. I have a problem of thinking up ideas and constantly has to ask another person for help. My current favorite is the TV show Hannibal, my all-time favorite book is Harry Potter, favorite movies is the newest Star Trek series.

P.S. I will NEVER abandon a story. ...just stall and stretch my posts (I'm absolutely a great procrastinator. And sometimes I need to be motivated to work on my stories). The best way to contact me is through one of the links given, or by PM. Another thing I tend to change my profile pic rather frequently so the best way to try and find my stories is by name.

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