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So, I'd like to conclude that I am pretty lazy. I have been a happily content reader of this site for about 6 years, and this is my first attempt at starting an account. Lame, right? Don't judge me on my slothiness (if that's a world?). Unfortunately, I am not a writer. I just read & review. Call me a book critic of sorts. I have read a lot of them.

Here's a little about me:

I am freakily logical. I can pretty much rationalize anything. Its been argued by a few of my friends (and a few not-my-friends) that I can even rationalize murder. Of course, I don't exactly want to discover this. To my belief, everyone is capable of murder. It's what happens after that counts. Remorse, and guilt. Cold, and numb. It's human nature to commit cruelty, sadly enough. I'd like to imagine a world free of crime, strife, and poverty, where everyone is happy, and calm. And ignorant. If the world was truly like that, there would be no sacrifices, no victories. People would be in an alternative world where they are caught between happiness and sadness, death and life. It would be a gray twilight where we know no victory nor defeat. But then again, I'm just babbling, so don't mind me.

Name: Castallia

Age: 19

Hair Color: Red!

Eyes: Usually hazel, but randomly change sometimes.

Height: 5'3

Interests: Reading.. Reading.. Oh, and reading.

Goals: My goal is to read every book in the world. Nobody ever said goals had to be realistic.

Plans: Read, eat, read, shower, read, shit (read), and sleep (sleep reading)

Twitter: www.twitter.com/brittneyoliverr .. follow me! :)

I love quoting people. Seriously. I have a quote for everything. I like to sound witty and knowing, with a bit too much of a dramatic flair (it comes naturally, I can't seem to stop it).


Regret something you did in the past?: My belief is essentially that everyone has a regret. The point is not to let it rule your life. My quote, "Only regret the thing's you don't do."

Way you wanna die?: That's a toughy. I've always wanted it to be peaceful.. die in your sleep or something. But lately I've been thinking. I want my death to be creative. Which is hard, because, you know, do you actually know when and how your going to die? I think not. Maybe when I'm like 70 or something, I cut my hand profusely on a vase or something. So, of course the ambulance comes and picks me up. Then driving to the hospital, we come across a big rockie hill and out of nowheres comes a rock from the top and crushes the ambulances and I'm killed instantly. Of course, the parademics survive without a scratch. It would be on the headlines and on TV, and then everyone has a good laugh at the ironic situation, and I'm remembered for enternity. The End.

Do you believe in your yourself?: Belief is a strong emotion for me. If we mere humans had nothing to believe in, there's no reason for existence, right? Everyone believes in something. So, yes.

Do you hate anyone?: Not really.. Hate's too strong of an emotion to waste on anyone I habour ill feelings towards.

Would you choose to live forever if you coul?: That's an odd question. Most people would jump at the chance and I dont blame them, I certainly would. It's just there's a consequence for every gift. Sure, there's the perks to living forever. You get to see technology advance, people advance, wars, the world ending. But you are going to be alone. And I wouldn't wish an eternal existence alone on my worst enemy.

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