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Well Hello... I doubt anyone will read my profile lol I'm not a writer.

Anyway. I'm 25 years old, love Twilight fanfic.

I don't have much to say, but I'd like to list my Likes and Dislikes and maybe other reader will agree with me!


1. Authors who don't finish their stores. I hate them with soooo much passion. I understand life happens or you lose interest in the fandom...but don't start sh*t you can't finish. I permanently delete those authors and never read anything from them again.

2. Edward with anyone but Bella, Bella with anyone but Bella...I mean not when it's their past...but part of the current story. Maybe its just me though. I literally stopped reading a story in the middle when Edward hooked up with another character. *vomit*

3. Long ass author's notes. Nuff said.

4. Authors who can't update in a timely manner. If it takes more than 1 month for 1 chapter, then it's like less than 5000 words...your wasting out time.

5. This is SORTA a dislike...but when authors turn their fan fic story mainstream and get published, then have to take the story pisses me off. But I guess that's the way it is.

6. Changing important physical attributes or personality traits of characters. For example: I read one story where the author says HER Bella has Blue eyes...WTF? Edward loved Bella's brown eyes. I think that's very important.

7. Cliches. All 3 couples meet, get married, have the same damn time.


1. Happily ever afters. I'm a sap.

2. Any story where Bella makes Edward work for it after leaving her. I hated she forgave him so easily in New Moon.

3. I actually love All Human stories. I didn't think I would, but they are awesome.

4. Smut. I mean...yeah.

5. I've recently learned to enjoy stories where the couples have children..and the children are major characters.

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