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I've been reading on here for a little over a year, and I think I'm about to finally post something. I'm in my upper 20's and live in Northern California, a guy with an extensive background in both business and technology currently finishing a Bachelor's degree in business administration. I am an avid reader and my personal library spans the published realm, from romance and westerns to historical novels and thrillers from science fiction to fantasy.

Most of my reading on this site has been limited to Harry Potter (although I have recently been branching out) and I am an avid H/Hr shipper, and I cannot stand R/Hr and H/G (they don't make any sense and the characters are not compatible, whatever JKR said). That said, in my writing, I don't know how much romance will be in any of my posts, I haven' really written much fiction in the past (and what I have was quite a long time ago), so we'll see where my fingers take me as they travel the narrows of the keyboard...

I have a variety of ideas to write, some of them are crossover concepts, perhaps even most of them right now, and only time will tell when I publish...

Well, my second post on here is up, it's not what i thought it was going to be, this is going to be a straight Harry Potter, although it is AU from the Battle of Hogwarts in seventh year (no Twins were killed in the writing of this story), and is not for those who really like the Weasleys as only the Twins have been confirmed as 'good guys'. I'm not exactly sure where this one is going, the current plan is for a shortish story of probably less than 10k words, but it may expand beyond that or become a series, depending upon where it goes (a few ideas are floating around that may extend the story a bit, we'll see where they take me).

I do have the beginnings of another story also, but the plan for that one is not coming together very easily, so it might be a while before anything is delivered.

That's all for now...

Let us all pray that the moderators have finished pruning the collection for now... and hope that they go away and let everyone be... if you are not going to be comfortable reading something, then please, by all means, just don't click that mouse button... do we really need individuals to come in an delete stories because you were unable to resist the terrible, terrible, temptation of reading something that... you didn't want to read?!

Update as of 8/11/2015: I am currently working on updating/replacing/finishing Exodus and hope to have something in the next month or so. I have been absent from writing for quite some time and I apologize to those who favorited and/or followed, hopefully your faith will soon be rewarded.

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