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70 plus yr. old male

Harry Potter fan that thinks JKR got the epilog wrong. looking for a beta for my stories.

If I use something from another author and don't acknowledge them, let me say now that I'm sorry. I have read well over two thousand stories and can't remember them all.

I love classic Rock and Roll, muscle cars, reading and action movies. It is not uncommon to see me watch "girlie" movies. Nothing wrong with them guys.

Sorry folks. Tried to edit chapters of Harry Potter Who and wound up having to repost the whole thing. All previous reviews were lost and probably all update alerts too.

I have not forgotten my stories and hadn't realized how long it has been for Pen Pals. Final chapter will be up by 9/23/12. Writer's block and plot bunnies have delayed Harry /Potter Who?

Ho/pe you like my new story as much as the others.

9/17/12 Have gone through and made very minor corrections to Harry potter Who? It was pointed out to me, and rightly so, that I over used 'Mione. After looking at my story again, I had to agree and made the proper changes.

12/20/14 I am sorry that I haven't updated my stories. I have come into a personnel conflict as to where I want my stories to go. I had a vague idea when I started, but after reading others, I started having doubts about my characters. That and finding other interesting stories and keeping up with my favorites.


I am sorry to say that I have lost interest in adding to my current stories. I just can't seem to get past their currant point. It seems that the older I get, the harder it is to concentrate and move along a particular story line. I have had several plot bunnies started but not more that three thousand words and then I'm draw a blank again. And even then what I have written is not in sequence.

If any one would like to adapt on of the stories feel free to do so.


I recently posted a review to a story I just found. In DH Harry and Ollivander talk about wands and ownership. It is mentioned that a wand will switch ownership if the wand is captured during a fight (or at other times?). Since Frank is still alive, his wand is either still loyal to him or to whoever defeated him the night he and his wife became the way they are. Is it no wonder Neville can't get it to respond to him?


No, I am not starting write again. I haven't been diagnosed or anything, but my short-term memory is lousy. I often have to reread my favorite stories to remember what they are about. Anyway, what I wanted to say to you all is actually a bit of a complaint. Many authors, and I blame Rowlings for this, believe that Hogwarts is the only school in Great Britain. In 'Thirty Minutes that changed Everything' the author listed five other schools. This makes sense to me as most put the population of Magical Britain at about 65 thousand. Not a lot when you consider the non-magical population. The reason I bring this up, is I live in a small town of less than five thousand and have a high school population of five hundred and thirty-three. Now compare that to Harry Potter universe and you see how it doesn't add up. I realize that every author has the right to write their story as they see fit, I just wanted my opinion on the matter heard. Rant over.

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