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So I am a writer... but I haven't published anything here. I am a perfectionist and keep all my own work close to me, and rarely does it see the light of day, lol. Right now, I come here mostly for entertainment purposes. That and I like to review. Also, I am a VERY good editor, I am a grammar/spelling lunatic. Seriously. Anyway! I love to read, and have been known to spend most of my time reading. I love fanfics, because, well... sometimes the writers here come up with better material than the original. Or they have the good sense to create "sequels" when needed. I adore musics in a wide variety of genre, video games (I am a PASSIONATE fan of the Final Fantasy series and the Kingdom Hearts series) and well... reading.

I have my personal favorite authors, and am not afraid to pay them the homage they are due for their sheer awesomeness.

I bow down to Ashbear and Freyjadour in the Final Fantasy VIII fandom, though I have several other favorites in that area, those two are the best IMO.

I like the work of Princess Destiny in the Sailor Moon, Hellsing, and Rurouni Kenshin fandoms. She is racy, and not afraid to write the nitty gritty. I also adore Jordan Frost in the Sailor Moon fandom. Athena Evarinya is another favorite of mine in Sailor Moon, though she also writes for the Dragon Ball fandom, with the Trunks/Pan pairing. Hey, it works.

I love the Labyrinth fandom, and there are two authors that I adore there, PaisleyRose and HachimansKitsune. Both are extremely talented writers and I love the way they weave their stories.

Anything written by Desenchanter and SplendentGoddess in the Inuyasha fandom is awesome IMO, same goes for the author Rayvn for Rurouni Kenshin.

I am a newly converted Draco/Hermione fan in Harry Potter. Still sifting my way through that fandom, so we'll see where it leads me.

Favorite pairings:

Squall and Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8
Usagi and Mamoru
Alucard and Seras
Kenshin and Kaoru
Sarah and Jareth
Link and Zelda
Inuyasha and Kagome
Draco and Hermione
Jason Morgan and Sam McCall/Morgan

among others. Those are just my top faves.

I also will read other fandoms as well, mostly for again, the entertainment value. Whatever strikes my interest really, though I also highly enjoy the General Hospital fandom as well and my favorite pairing there is Jason Morgan and Sam McCall/Morgan.

Anyway... yup. That's me in a nutshell.



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