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I'm a twenty-something with very little time on her hands, but a huge heart for writing. I'm increasingly frustrated with the little time I am alotted to write in. But I grow fonder with my topic as time goes by.

I've been the first ever Joren/Keladry author, and a glad advocate of rising jor/kel authors. I know a lot of people hate me for it, but just look at the magnitude of pro-Draco authors! It's the same stupid syndrome! Ah well. That was my adolescence. I'm past all of this Draco, Joren nonsense, but I'll support those who still get googly eyed over them. (Sulia hearts you fangirls very much. Heart heart heart)

My signature fic ICBW has run its four year course. Other than a finished sequel (The Gift) I do not plan on returning to that universe. I am looking for a Rival Schools fan interested in picking up where I left off with An Unexpected Life.

Favorite line out of an anime/movie/tv show ever:
Koji of the anime Generator Gawl, to his friend Ryo.
"We're in art class, my friend. Draw a conclusion."

Update 1/11/09: What? I'm back? The gods must be crazy. Or I'm unemployed and have nothing to do with my life while I try to get into grad school. Because obviously this working in the real world thing is not working out. Pfft.

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