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Howdy! In "real life" my name is Sue, I live in sunny Southern California, am happily married and the proud ownee of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi :) Mr. Max, the good boy pictured has left us, but we now have a tri-colored Corgi named Billy.

Thanks to CSI Forever Online I have finally finished a fanfic and gotten myself "published" ... now to work on the other story ideas that are bouncing around in my brain pan.

I love reading CSI Fanfic, and am firmly a GSR shipper. While I'll read other stories, I just can't really get into the ones that pair either Griss or Sara with anyone else. There are a lot of great stories and authors out there, and I've added a healthy selection to my faves for all to peruse and enjoy :)

While I don't write for them, I also read fanfiction for Castle, Firefly, and Forever. The last two are fantastic shows cancelled way too soon (Browncoat Unite!) Despite 7 fantastic seasons, and one final season, i can now add Castle to my list of cancelled too soon shows ... sorely missed, though I would have been pissed at a Castle without Beckett if Season 9 had occured.

Favorite Shows currently include The Librarians, and Dancing with the Stars. I am enjoying Conviction and watching Nathan Fillion in Modern Family as well. These are the NOT TO BE MISSED and DISTURB ME AT YOUR OWN RISK shows :laughing:

While I will always follow the doings of CSI, I remain one of the unhappy fans due to the happenings in "Forget Me Not" ... I am happy with the finale and all the beauty they gave for us GSR fans, yet remain disgruntled with the handling of Sara and Grissom during the final four seasons. I will always maintain that it was NOT necessary, that the notion that long distance relationships are doomed to failure is fallacious, and it was a grave disservice to the characters. For me, the story remains in the bubble, and the Russell years are AU. *rant off*

Other hobbies include watching old TV shows on DVD, reading a LOT, RPGs--Pathfinder by Paizo rocks!, and numerous time-stealing games on Facebook. I also am into arts and crafts, needlework, collecting dolls, stuffed animals, Harry Potter goodies, painting lead miniatures, and taking care of my husband and Corgi.


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