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Well... Not really much to say I've read fanfiction for about 2 years now and thought I would give it a shot.

I don't own any of the Manga i write about nor characters from them.

Kenshin: this place feels empty.

Draconis: Duh I just started filling it in.

Hikari: When do you think you will be done?

Draconis No clue.

Ryuushin: oh well you could find or make up some jokes and put them here.

Draconis: True anyway I need to head to DeviantART.

Ryuushin: Why?

Draconis: Art commissions I need to give everyone a visual of you guys something tells me the descriptions aren't cutting it. Ryuushin Kuroshi, Hikari Tsuki and their three children Kenshin, Yukari and Miyuki are my main Original Characters or OC.

fotos. /d6b8deac99060bbe145d5bca6abec55bo.png (fanart of Kenshin from tojaka)

fotos. /eea64b25c25fa1790fb7347dc8fc8492o.png (Yukari fanart)

fotos. /1a1e3f7f317262837406d2df7923739eo.png (Miyuki fanart)

fotos. /397e08c66cfb9abf87b138a6946b3925o.png (The Kuroshi Tsuki Siblings wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year by tojaka)

/ecfeed05e7220f60f0d5901f036bf81do.png (Hikari was late getting dressed for the above picture :) )

Ryuushin: I like it!

Hikari: Oh you! (playfully shoves Ryuushin)

The four pictures below are fanart pics of the spirits that I found while browsing Danbooru. Credit to the artists

/posts/2190767 (Salamander)

/posts/2190761 (Sylph)

/posts/2190764 (Gnome)

/posts/1907974 (Undine)

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