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I got addicted to this site at 1997 when a good friend at university got me introduced. And, don’t laugh, my first favorite back then was fanfiction about Star Trek – no wonder, cause I kind of grow up with these series. There were prolonged times since then when I wasn’t able to afford a visit, but I never abandoned this lovely site completely and for the last years, I spend a lot of my free time here, since I absolutely love reading as long as I can remember.

There is not much to know about me. I’m a nurse in the pediatric ward or the pediatric ER sometimes, which is kind of a lovely but also stressful job.

I’m not an English or American native, but you should have ascertained that by now due to my awesome grammar and spelling mistakes. I don’t mind as much since I won’t bother you with writing a story on my own. But you’re welcome to tell me so I can correct any mistakes I made.

Last I really have to apologize to so many talented writers whose stories got never a response from me. I’m not good at writing comments but I promise I’ll try to improve about that special topic.

My favorite stories:

I totally prefer angst and hurt/comfort stories … at least it seems I’m not alone with that bias out there ;o)

And I try to avoid romantic stories (if my favorite pairings are never meant in that way) or if authors make persons act completely out of character (without a good reason at least).

My favorite fandoms:


Favorite pairings: Sam/Dean, Sam/John

I have kind of conflicting feelings about that show by now. I completely loved the first seasons, especially the first and second one. I loved the strong bond and lovely banter between the brothers and the differences in their relationships with their dad. I loved the stories about common urban legends and all the scary and nasty and crazy and funny stuff that came with them. But the show lost increasingly its unique attraction for me with the beginning of the angel/God and hell/Lucifer/Leviathan stuff. Don’t get me wrong, there ARE still good episodes, but it seems all over the top for me quite right now. But the worst thing became the big rift between Sam and Dean that seemed to grow bigger and bigger gradually and with it the whole series just lost somehow its heart. I mean, there were always fans who felt more enamored to Sam or to Dean but lately there seems to be such a nasty rivalry between these two groups of fans that has no bearing on the normal banter and stands for me contrary to everything this series is or was meant to be. Don’t get me wrong, I have to admit I’m a Sam-girl, but Sam would not be Sam without Dean and otherwise, and I wouldn’t want to miss anyone of them. So I spend my time here to read stories that still tend to their strong relationship and them caring about each other, thinking about the “good ol' times”.

Criminal Minds:

Favorite pairings: Reid centric, Reid/Morgan, Reid/Hotch

Batman / Young Justice / Nightwing / Teen Titans:

Favorite pairings: Robin (aka Dick Grayson) centric, Robin/Batman, Robin/Superboy

Don’t ask me why. These stories just hit a nerve. I got hooked up watching the first season of “Young Justice”. So this Robin sketched at the Cartoons is my favorite version and Robin will ALWAYS be Richard Grayson in my book, no offence.

Navy NCIS:

Favorite pairings: Tony/Gibbs


Favorite pairings: Cullen centric, Cullen/Sam, Deeks centric


Favorite pairings: Jane/Kurt

Magnum P.I. (2018):

Favorite pairings: Juliet/Thomas, Juliet/the boys/ohana

There have been other TV-Shows, too, but these are the fandoms I prefer at the time being.

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