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Greetings, one and all. There was a time when my parodies of the infamous My Immortal were so popular that a Google search for "Some Moron" turned up a link to this profile. However, I basically stopped writing and faded into obscurity when I got a full-time job.

Oh, no, right? How can I enjoy fanfiction when I have such professional responsibilities? Well, as it turns out, I still can. A particularly good fanfic of Yandere Simulator has awoken me from hibernation, and perhaps I shall even return to write more stuff.

Come for my classic content? Three bizarre tales survived FanfictionNet's censors - an uncalled-for crossover between the Harry Potter games and Halo, a direct parody of the original Harry Potter game in the style of iheartmwpp's movie parody series, and an even more uncalled-for crossover between My Immortal and My Little Pony.

Come for new content? Stay tuned.

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