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Hello there, and welcome to my Profile!

Things about me:

I'm a 22-year-old female, whose name is Ashley. Anyone who knows I'm a fan of Tales of the Abyss might find it funny to know that on more than one occasion I've accidentally spelled my name as 'Aschley'.

Important update! I will be starting college in September, and moving to a different city in August so I can attend said college, so my less than frequent updates will likely become even less frequent, because I will be preparing for that. Sorry in advance.

I won't lie and say I promise to update my stories constantly, as much as I love writing and wish I could do all the time, idiotic real life problems have to come first sometimes. And of course motivation plays a big part, too. I'm sure most of the other authors on this site understand what I'm talking about. We only have so much time, and sometimes fanfiction can't be as high on the priority list as we might want it to be.

On the subject of reviews, I try to review as often as possible when I'm reading a story I enjoy. Though I admit I'm not the best at reviewing, I do try to say SOMETHING. I'm actually better at giving reviews when there's some things I can add constructive criticisms for, however thanks to some authors who have taken anything I've said the wrong way or just don't know how to be told anything other than their work is perfect, and have called me a bully or whatever for offering my opinion, I don't tend to review as much anymore.
To be brutally honest, I think the authors on this site who don't know how to take some constructive criticism and automatically accuse anything that's not praise or 'update soon!' of being rude or a flame have kind of ruined reviews for everyone here. I'd have to say it's the reason I review less often than I used to, for some reason I find it harder to write a lengthy review full of only positives, and I usually don't think there's much point in reviewing if all I have to say is I liked it. If it's in my favorites or I'm following it, it should be obvious that I like it. I do try to review though, because I love getting that alert in my inbox saying someone reviewed my work, and I feel guilty when I follow and favorite something without saying something to the author who takes time out of their busy lives to update their stories for us.
I love getting reviews, it makes my day when I get an email saying you liked my chapter. But honestly, I love it even more when you tell me what you thought about my chapter and what you liked about it, instead of just saying you liked it. I think a lot of authors feel the same.
It allows us to grow as authors, and lets us know what you like to read so we can add more of it for you! There are a few people who have commented on my fics that I'm adding certain things for in the future (even if they're small) because I know they like that sort of thing.

(Actually, I've found that the reviewers for my fics that give the lengthier reviews, I can actually reply to with more than 'Thanks!', and usually the conversations that start from there tend to lead to good friendships on here and other sites like deviantart.
RKamelot, RubyMoonz, NinjaLadyHinata, and Yuna-theAnimeLuver are prime examples of this.)


Since everyone else seems to be doing it:

Books: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Blood Red Road, Lovely Bones, Lord of the Rings, To Kill a Mockingbird, Speak, Fangirl, too many others to list.

Anime/Mangas: FMA:Brotherhood, Ouran High School Host Club, Bleach, Naruto, Pokemon, Deathnote...too many to list.

Games: Tales of the Abyss/Symphonia/Vesperia/Graces/Xillia, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Devil Survivor, and more.

Pairings: Anything that's not GuyxNatalia, basically. I don't know why I dislike that pairing as much as I do, maybe because I just like AschxNatalia and even GuyxNoelle more. xD Or anything that isn't some weird HermionexAny of her teachers/someone way older than her/doesn't make any sense. I also don't care for male on male, female on female stories, though that's just personal preference and not an opinion on anything. (In case someone takes this the wrong way, I fully support the notion that two men or two women should be allowed to marry. Why should a straight couple that hates each other have more right to marry than two men or women who love and support each other?)

Stories on here that I love and totally think you should read:

1) Dreaming of Sunshine, by Silverqueen.
It's a Naruto fanfiction, and an OC-SI. I don't know what it was that drew me to this story, because I wasn't really that into Naruto or SIs at the time I read it, but it's freaking amazing. Her world building and character developments are incredible, and honestly I'd have to say what she has is better than canon. I've never loved another writer's OC as much as I love Shikako. She's a fantastic addition to the canon world.

2) Tales of Cosplayers, by Nightfoot. (Canon material: Tales of Symphonia)
Once again, world building and character development are incredible, and quite a few ideas and explanations I've used in my own fic were inspired by this story. I'm jealous of this person's ability to write a fight scene, since I still struggle terribly with that.

3) Cauterize, by Lady Altair. (Canon material: Harry Potter)
Beautiful piece of work that takes place after the war. I can't describe it. It just hit me right in the feels. Another great Harry Potter story from this author is 'Picking Lilies'.

4) Snap Shots, by royza-hawkstang (Fullmetal Alchemist)
All the Royza (as the author calls the pairing) feels! I may be biased because it's my OTP, but I love this collection of oneshots based around Roy and Riza's relationship. All characters feel very in character to me, and the writing style is very strong.

Stories I'm working on right now (In order of priority during the moment I'm typing this):

1) Not What it Seems (Tales of the Abyss, OC insert, changes in game plot (mostly later on))

2) Identical (Harry Potter, OC insert, based around Fred and George Weasley, starts in their first year)

3) Titles (Series of drabbles based on the titles each ToTA character gets during the game. No OCs.)

Drawings of OCs for Not What it Seems

Cover for the fic: http:///art/Not-What-it-Seems-354769649

Alex: http:///art/Alex-Version-One-527811919

Garcia: http:///art/Isabell-Garcia-362117630?q=gallery&qo=10

There's a TON more drawings for his fic on my dA page http:///

Fanart For 'Not What it Seems' (previously known as Of Love and War)! :D If you ever want to draw my characters, please go ahead! You don't need to ask permission, but I do ask that you credit me for my characters and send me a link so I can see!

By NinjaLadyHinata (YunaStrife): http:///gallery/#/d4gk33m






By YunaTheAnimeLuver (YunaStrife, it's a shared account): http:///favourites/#/d4k54g3








(I can't even begin to say how amazing it is that people cosplayed my characters.)

By XxXSeraph12XxX: http:///favourites/50254571#/d4wcokj


By KuroWriter1122 (Now known as Kurpo on dA): http:///#/d4vubsu

By RisingXxLawliet (YamaberryCZ): http:///art/Of-Love-and-War-TotA-262072946



By VayleSkyl: http:///art/Shatter-371323928?q=favby&qo=5


By HowltheOneWithoutFortune (SIlentHunters): http:///art/Alexandra-Alex-Garcia-Not-What-it-Seems-548268608

Thanks to them all! :D They're all great!

Drawings For Identical

Anna Nymphea: http:///art/Anna-547593033

I like to think I'm a friendly person, so feel free to message me if you feel like it, or even if you have a question or would like someone's opinion on something you're working on. :) I love talking to people here and on dA.

The only thing I will ever paste onto my profile:

A large percent of writers don't know the difference between:
"to" and "too"
"their", "they're", and "there"
"your" and "you're"
"whose" and "who's"

If you're one of the ones who does know and wants to slug the writers who don't, copy and paste this into your profile.

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