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CANADIANS CAN GET - from the pilot of White Collar - Peter "Well as mad as Canadians can get ...". I was immediately hooked on White Collar. Which got me interested in T.V. as entertainment again, I was so bored with all the CSI and similar ilk. I want to be entertained watching TV not feel like I'm at a training seminar on how to examine a dead body. Been there done that , Yuk! Then I started playing around on the Internet, eventually getting onto a USANetwork Forum (I was a forum virgin), which had a link to FanFic. Way cool, what an interesting medium. I started reading, then came across a piece by Govgal. I so wanted to offer an opinion too and joined FanFic to do just that. I'd always had FanFic stories rambling around in my head, I just never thought about writing them down and then sharing them. Oh, what fun. I was hooked.

One agonizing note - no White Collar showing in my area now - don't know if it will be picked-up here again. Sigh! I have been enjoying a new Canadian CBC production "The Republic of Doyle" filmed in Newfoundland. Just think how they film New York in White Collar and impose that onto jelly bean coloured houses and ocean vistas around St. John's Newfoundland, what a trip. Do ya know what getting kicked in the pills means?

I've also been enjoying the pleasure of words again (been writing factual for so long not much room for vivid descriptors of life) thefreedictionary proved to be an invaluable resource in this area. Then critiques, what a wonderful world when someone thousand of miles (kilometres) away can offer their advise open and freely. Thank you so much for sharing your comments and stories. Cheers!

Writing is fun isn't it.

Anyway check out the following stories if you haven't already.
Not always easy to pull the best ones out but these all seem to show up on everyone's pick lists.

The last five entries are authors and anything by them just seems to captivate and will give you examples of good writing – or at least what hits the mark for the WC FanFic. Enjoy!.

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