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Name: Tamuril2

Gender: Female.

Religion: Traditional Roman Catholic.

Favorite quote: A good book should leave you slightly exhausted. You live several lives while reading it. William Styron.

A little about me:

I'm a USA girl who is an aspiring writer. I have an overactive imagination (which describes most of us on here, no?). I love to write, read, and draw anime style.

I do not write or read slash, yaoi, or anything of the type. I also am uncomfortable reading about rape or suicide.

I am a firm Traditional Roman Catholic and believe that God should come first.

One of the main reasons I started to post on here was to get constructive critism about my writing. While having people say that they love my story and style of writing is great (it helps me keep going), constructive critism helps me become even better, so if you see some places where I can improve please leave me a line or two.

You can also find my artwork on Deviantart (dot) com, under the name Tamuril2.

Biggest wishes on FF:

1) A Blue Bloods/Sherlock crossover. This needs to happen, people. I vote Frank crack down on the 'freak' name, while also coming down on Sherlock for being a jerk. Also, Sherlock whump. It's a must. Friendship only. No smut or slash, please.

2) A GI Joe/Transformers crossover. Snakeeyes needs to be a pretty main character, as does Lennox and Ironhide. I totally vote that Snakeeyes gets captured by the Deceptacons, thus rescuing and finding out about the Autobots (hmmm, maybe he saves Prowl?). Also, bonds between humans and Autobots needs to be explored in this. No slash or smutt, please.

I also have a blog, which I'd be honored (and super excited) if any of you checked it out (comments would just about make my day...nooo...they WOULD make it).

It's called Ink Dabblings. Just go to Google and it should be the first things that pops up. I'm called R.E. Durbin there.

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