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My hobbies are writing, reading, playing video games, studying mythology and other things that interest me.

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My favorite characters

Batman- DC Comics (Because he's the GODDAMN BATMAN!)

Bane- DC Comics (I personally like Bane over the Joker when it comes to Batman villains, simply because Bane is both a physical and mental match for Batman. Bane broke his back and is a master strategist... especially before The Dark Knight Rises. It's a great movie though.)

Joker- DC Comics (It's the Joker...nothing needs to be said...though I still prefer Bane.)

Kratos- God of War series (The guy killed all the Greek gods, except for Aphrodite for two good reasons...nothing needs to be said on that, and he also is the most psychotic motherfucker in video games!!)

Shepherd- Mass Effect Trilogy (I don't know about you guys, but those who played this trilogy will know that Shepherd, be he man or woman or paragon or renegade, will defiantly know that he has his moments. As for those who didn't, THEN WHY NOT?! IT'S A GREAT VIDEO GAME!!)

Wrex- Mass Effect Trilogy (He's Han Solo...if Han was a giant lizard-thing with biotic powers)

Grunt- Mass Effect Trilogy (He's maybe a few days old, but kill-happy too the point of making most serial killers quiver in fear. Krogans FTW!)

Garus- Mass Effect Trilogy (He took a rocket to the face...and walked it off. TAKE THAT SKYRIM GUARDS!)

Liara- Mass Effect Trilogy (She starts off as cute, innocent and strange but by the end she kicks some major ass! Plus, who doesn't love a cute alien girl? Just ask Captain Kirk.)

Harbinger (Reapers in general)- Mass Effect Trilogy (So he's part of the big bad of the series, but it and the rest of the reapers have lines that will send chills down your spines. Plus with that eerie metallic voice just makes everything they say more memorable.)

Asura- Asura's Wrath (The man defeated a god...THAT WAS THE SIZE OF A PLANET AND THAT WAS JUST THE BEGINNING!...So yeah...that's a thing.)

Kenpachi Zaraki- Bleach (The man is batshit crazy, and you got to love him for it!)

Yuno Gasai- Mirai Nikki (Some of you, especially if you're a big anime fan, may have heard the term 'yandere' at least once or twice. For those who don't know it's a character)

Eric Cartman- South Park (you gotta love the fat, evil, manipulative bastard.)

Gir- Invader Zim (Its a robot, that says some of the most random shit ever.)

Negi Springfield- Negima (He's only ten and chances are that he is WAY more smarter then you and has more girls fawning for him then any person that i could can think of. Oh, and I'm pretty sure he can kick your ass too.)

Evangeline A.K. McDowell- Negima (She is the vampiric loli version of Eric Cartman, with all powerful magic skills. Look me in the eye and tell me that isn't pretty damn cool, I dare you.)

Mana Tatsumiya- Negima (Dark skin, good-looking, half-demon, and has some intense gun-fu skills. Anything else?)

Naruto Uzumaki- Naruto (Do I really need a reason?)

Ichigo Kurosaki- Bleach (Look above.)

Monkey D. Luffy- One Piece ( look above again.)

Zoro Roronoa-One Piece (He fights with three swords, and one of them is in his goddamn teeth! That's pretty hardcore.)

GlaDOS- Portal (Do I really need a reason?)

Alucard- Hellsing (The guy is an indestructible, all-powerful, gun-crazy king of vampires that will rather torture the shit out of you with a large smile on his face then make eye contact with you.)

Deadpool- Marvel (The Merc with the Mouth, the 4th wall breaking psycho that anyone will love. He's just awesome, and who else can woo the female personification of Death?...Yeah, I thought so.)

Spiderman- Marvel (I'm not going to lie. I have a soft spot for Spiderman because he's the first superhero I was introduced to because of the animated series about him and I liked him more the more I read his comics and graphic novels he was in.)

Vladimir Todd- The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd (WHY ISN'T THIS MORE POPULAR THEN TWILIGHT?!?! HEATHER BREWER SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN A MOVIE DEAL FOR THIS STORY LOOOOOONG BEFORE THAT PIECE OF SHIIIIIIT! It has great humor, great characterization, awesome action and it gives vampires respect!!! If you dare say that creepy, shovel-faced fairy is a vampire then I will smack you in the face with each book of this series until you read or till you bleed!)

Will Treaty- The Ranger's Apprentice (Once again, WHY ISN'T THERE A MOVIE DEAL FOR THIS YET?!?! It's got everything that a good fantasy needs: memorable characters, a detailed and thought out world, intense action and a awesome main character that, aside from most other fantasy heroes that use strength or magic, uses stealth, archery and intelligence. This could be the next Lord of the Rings or maybe even Game of Thrones!)

Dexter- Dexter (He's a serial killer who kills other serial killers. He's sick and demented but you route for him! He does evil but for the greater good! He's just awesome!)

Lee Everett- Walking Dead Game (I played this game rather late and I didn't watch the show, though I am reading the novel, and I instantly got attached to both Lee and Clementine, she's down below, and hoped that no matter what happens to the group or the world around them I just routed for both of them. Lee's story is just gripping, among the most absorbing stories in a game I played and I loved every minute of it. Which made the ending that much more tragic and so, SO satisfying.)

Clementine- Walking Dead Game (I loved this little girl. She is just the most adorable thing in the entire game, hands down. From the beginning to the every end she has been the heart of the game and Lee's moral compass. When I failed, I didn't care if I fucked up something large just as long as Clementine didn't get harm. I felt generally protective of her when she was in danger and I was PISSED at anything that put her in danger. Lee and Clementine's relationship is really a marvel of writing in video games.)

Samus Aran- Metriod series (I think, if we put aside Metriod: Other M for a bit we can all argue that Samus Aran is one BAAAAAADASS MOFU!)

Lara Croft- Tomb Raider series (Okay, I'll admit that before the newest Tomb Raider game I didn't REALLY think that much of Lara as a character or of the Tomb Raider franchise, but MAN did that game prove me wrong! She's defiantly upgraded from being a pair of pixel breasts that shoot and into a well developed character and I hope that they continue with it and NOT go back to her being a bouncy pair of DDs.)

Angel- Borderlands series (During the first game she didn't have much of a presence aside from giving me advice and lead me to a den of nothing but disappointment and tentacles, kinda like my Fridays LOL, but when the second game came out I actually see her was a character and was sad and shock to learn that not only is she a Siren but is also the daughter of the villain but lived a tragic life and I had to kill her...I generally felt bad after she died and Jack telling me what an ass I was for doing it didn't make me feel better but screw that guy!)

Handsome Jack- Borderlands 2 (He's a rare breed of character. A character that has NO likability aside from how much of a total asshole he is! The guy spends the entire game trash talking me as I mow down his staff and loaders, kill his girlfriend and ruin his plan bit by bit but he keeps talking so much shit that you just gotta love him for it.)

Krieg- Borderlands 2 (Krieg is another rare breed of character. He's both scary and sympathetic. He's a guy with a hand book of mental issues, the main ones being split personalty, schizophrenia, dementia and depression. He's a monstrous killing machine and one half of him just thrives and bathes in the carnage that he makes while the other is mortified and remorseful over it. When Gearbox starts making a BL3 and Krieg is NOT one of the playable characters again or even makes an appearance and has missions that revolve around him then SOMEONE IS GETTING A FOOT SHOVED UP THEIR ASSSSS!)

Tiny Tina- Borderlands 2 (Tiny Tina is sort of like a Nega-Clementine. She cute and adorable like Clementine but while Clementine is innocent, sane and morally stable. Tina is deadly, crazy as all hell and, at times and dark. The first thing you see this girl do is blow up a bandit tied to a post and screams 'BURN ALL THE BABIES!' when I blow up a train. If Tiny Tina isn't in BL3...then...well you know: Foots in Asses!)

Eren Yeager-Attack on Titan (I recently got into Attack on Titan recently and so far, I LOVE IT! I love the action in it, I love the art design of the anime and I love the characters. Eren is up there with Naruto, Ichigo and Luffy when it comes to anime heroes. He's insanely determined and he's tough. Hell, he get's one of his legs bitten off but goes onto to risk saving one of his friends whose INSIDE a titan's mouth, pull his friend out and THEN get's his arm bitten off right before getting swallowed whole. I won't spoil what happens next for those who haven't, but just go and see.)

Guts-Berserk (I heard of and started reading Berserk recently and I have to say: It is one of the best, and darkest, manga I have ever read PERIOD. And the main character of Guts is one of the most interesting and morally grey characters I have ever come across. I mean, you thought Naruto had a rough childhood? Guts got his name from literally being found in the blood and guts of his dead mother after she was hung from a tree while she was pregnant...yeah...and this was when he was born and got adopted into a mercenary band and it doesn't get any better from here. His adoptive mother died from plague when he was three, with her crying out his name during the entire time. He started sword training at age 6 with regular-sized broadsword and getting beaten during this by his adoptive father. He killed his first man at age 9, note that this wasn't an assassination or one-on-one combat this was at a full-on besieging of an enemy castle with people killing each other left and right and arrows being shoot at him! AT AGE 9! He was later abused in ways that I'm not going into and then killed his crazed adoptive father in self-defense. Note that this was when he was a damn kid! And when he finally got friends and people to care for him and him to care about all of that was taken away by the one man he respected the most, the one person he could openly call his 'best friend' Griffith. And it is the trauma of the event and the hate, the anger, the pure bloodlust he now feels for Griffith and anything relating to him that drives Guts to hunt down these monsters and even Gods and demons that would send most humans mad with fear. It should also be said that there is nothing supernatural or special helping him. He doesn't have a demonic fox sealed into him like Naruto, he isn't a Shinigami or anything like Ichigo. his body isn't made from rubber like Luffy nor does he have fire-kinetic abilities like Natsu. He has only five major tools: A massive sword that would make Cloud Strife feel inadequate, throwing knives and small bombs, a metal arm (to replace one of the things he lost thanks to Griffith) with a hidden cannon, and a cursed armor that he can activate that will make him fight till ALL of his bones are broken and his body is emptied of ALL of his blood as well as make him lose his inhibitions that may one day drive him utterly and totally insane. He is just a man with godly determination and a heart full of rage, yet he may be the most dangerous and the most terrifying thing in a world of monsters that would gladly kill you, eat you, even rape you.)

My Least Favorite Characters

Sasuke-Naruto (I know what you thinking. 'Oh he hates Sasgay. HOOOOOOW original!' I know, I know: There is already a lot of hate for Sasuke and I am just one of many. Most people hate him because of how the writer/artist is trying to make us sympathize with him. When the story first started, I didn't really hate Sasuke as much as I was annoyed by him. I really started to hate him later on in the story with the whole 'I killed my brother, and the guy who made my brother kill my clan. So I'm going to go on kill the entire village and then change my mind at the last second and say that I'm going to Hokage because why not?! I'm sure to get it because I'm an Uchiha...sure I betrayed everyone who cared for me, some partially worshiped me, and I did things that would be considered war crimes. But you know, it's all water under the bridge!' Lastly, and this is still my opinion, but I don't care if your brother killed your family, but you would have to be gay or have your balls and dick removed to NOT respond to a HORDE of girls trying to ask you out! I understand the mental problems he would have, hell if I had a brother who murdered my parents in front me I would be distant too but I would at least have the gull to turn them down at least!)

Sakura-Naruto (Once again, I hear your sighs of contempt at my lack of originality, but hear me out. I only really hate Sakura back during the start of the story, when she was abusive for no reason and was obsessed with Sasuke. My opinion of her gradually went up with time and all, but she still has her moments when she irks me. Overall, why I don't hate her as much as I did before but I do prefer Hinata over her...though I mostly indifferent to the whole 'pairing wars' thing since I do prefer the more obtuse and more 'out there' pairings. Like NaruTen or NaruSora...don't judge.)

Superman-DC Comics (Do you know what happens when you have a character that can do anything and has only three weaknesses and two of them are only there for convince? You get a boring character that is basically a cardboard cutout. Superman is my least favorite superhero, counting both DC and Marvel, because he is so damn BOOOOOOORRRRRING to read about! I understand that Superman is among the first fictional superheros and I can respect that, though it's the 21st century. Can we at least GIVE him a personality!? The only graphic novel/comic series that I liked that he was in was Red Son and the short comic series for that fighting game Injustice because he went through developments and changes.)

Griffith-Berserk (This...is one that is on this list for a bit of a different reason. So far the characters on this list are on here because I was annoyed with them or they have flaws that annoyed me. Griffith is one this list because he's actually designed really well and is a developed character in his own right. In fact, he may be one of the greatest villains ever in a manga or anime. I know that's saying a lot since we've been introduced to a lot of memorable villains in that same medium. Yet what sets Griffith apart from other villains is that large amount of time and care has gone into showing how he was a person. How he acted, how he treated others especially the main character Guts, what his goals where and how he planned to reach them all before his fall from grace. Usually in other Manga they introduce the villain after his fall from grace but would show flashbacks on how they reach that point, yet in Berserk Griffith's rise and fall is a major part of the Golden Age Arc of Berserk and ultimately leads to one of the most disturbing and heartbreaking events depicted anywhere. Some people say that the Valley of the End that closed Naruto Part 1 was something that nearly drove them to tears and I had to admit that it was one of the best and emotional scenes of that series, but when I reached the event called 'The Eclipse' where Griffith becomes the true villain of the story and Guts becomes the person that was depicted in the Black Swordsman Arc (the one that started the manga), I sat in wide-eyed disbelief. I felt like I was going to cry because all of the characters I grew to like and love weren't just dying, they were getting killed off in the most horrible violent ways imaginable. I can't say much with out spoiling it nor can I try to put in context by using examples in other anime because it doesn't compare. It makes the Valley of the End a walk in the park, it takes Aizen's betrayal in Bleach look like a minor annoyance. Consider this my warning to anyone who want's to read this epic manga, 'The Eclipse will FUCK.YOU.UP.' And you will soon hate Griffith as the horrible bastard that he is.)

Thoughts on Certain Things:

Yaoi/Yuri Pairings: I just want to make one thing clear: I DO NOT HATE HOMOSEXUALS. If a character was gay, I wouldn't mind. I, myself, am not gay so I would avoid manga and anime that belong to to the Yaoi or Yuri genres. So I'm basically neutral when it comes to those types of pairings in canon sources. Yet what REALLY pisses me off is when people try to pair characters that are clearly NOT gay or in some cases enemies. Perhaps the most famous fandom pairing is NaruSasu and one that pisses me off the most.

People who wrote these types of stories seem dead set on ignoring the fact that Naruto is straight, he spends a good chunk of the series obsessing over Sakura. Granted, I'm not a huge fan of NaruSaku but why would someone change a his sexual orientation like that? They also seemed to forgot that Naruto has his perverted moments too directed at woman in the series. Hell, Naruto created the Sexy Jutsu! A Jutsu that's literally designed to be so hot that men can't take it and based on his own idea of what 'sexy' is! If he was gay then instead of a girl would he just turned into a more older, muscular version of himself? Also, when I ask people why they support this pairing they always bring up how Naruto is so obsessed with saving Sasuke or bring Sasuke back to the village, yet they don't acknowledge that Naruto only seemed to care THAT much was because of Sakura basically begging him to bring Sasuke back unharmed. Sooo once again that only shows how much he cared for Sakura that he would do anything to make HER happy as oppose to bringing Sasuke back for himself.

Then there's Sasuke. To my recollection, Sasuke never seemed to be sexually attracted to a girl or a guy so it could be that he's a asexual or THAT emotionally dead. Yet if he was gay then the people who write NaruSasu or SasuNaru (or however they like to call it) seemed to ignore the fact the he doesn't love Naruto because he TRIED TO MURDER HIM SEVERAL TIMES THOUGH THE SERIES! Same thing goes for Naruto, if he was gay and had feelings for Sasuke then those feelings would have been long gone by they time Sasuke tried to shove a Chidori though his stomach on more then one occasion. I mean, if you were attracted to a person and they tried to murder you on more then one occasion ON THEIR OWN ACCORD then unless you have some serious mental illness or desperate then you still wouldn't consider pursing a romantic relationship with them.

Last thing, most of the Yaoi/Yuri fanfiction stories are some of the poorly written and really, really corny in their dialogue and creepy in their perversion. It's almost always one character only liking another character because of some really perverted things like they just want 'DAT ASS' and nothing else! Granted this goes for yuri too, like InoSaku. Two girls that, yes were close friends, STOPPED BEING FRIENDS BECAUSE THEY BOTH LIKED THE SAME GUY! So why the sudden change in sexual preference?

Granted my most popular story, First Male Nin, makes references to yuri but that is because it's based on an entire world where only females could USE chakra and a jutsu has been developed that basically grantees other female children as long as both parents are female. So yuri is inescapable but even then I have characters that are all the way gay (Hiruko, the Fourth Kazekage, the Head of the Akamichi clan, ETC.) or all the way straight (Sasuki, Tenten, Lei, ETC.) while most tended to be bisexual.

If you like fanon Yaoi and Yuri then that's okay, I'm just saying the things that irk me about it because they are some really good yaoi or yuri in shounen mangas and anime strangely. An example would be the manga Kunisaki Izumi Ni Jijou, it's a story about a guy who has a major complex about his appearance and manhood because he was born so feminine and attractive that he's been confused as a girl and asked up by virtually every guy in his school to the point where he flips out and attacks them. It also doesn't help that he was born to a famous Kabuki acting troop and forced to play the female roles all the time. It's funny because the main character get's the attraction of several other male students and hates it so much that he isn't below beating the shit out of them once in awhile. It's funny because given the themes it doesn't have a 'yaoi' tag yet it has both a 'shoujo' and 'shounen' tag, it could be because unlike most yaoi manga it isn't overtly sexual and mostly played for comedic effect as all the male characters pursuing the lead are utterly convinced that he's a girl.

An example of a good yuri moments would be the relationship between the characters Konoka and Setsuna in the manga Mahou Sensei Negima. Konoka and Setsuna are both fun and likable characters on their own and while their moments usually played straight unlike the yaoi moments in Kunisaki Izumi no jijou, it's fun to see them interact and watch their relationship grow because it feels like it isn't exploited as you would see in mangas with the 'Yuri' or 'Yaoi' tag and ESPECIALLY fanfics about a gay pairing. Granted, Negima is a harem shounen manga from the same guy who made Love Hina so there are some 'eechi' moments between them and the leading character but it still doesn't change the fact the the Setsuna-Konoka pairing is still a nice take on a yuri relationship without being so graphical that I feel like I need to switch to something else when someone opens my door.

OCs (Original Characters): *sighs* I really hate OCs in stories. Namely OCs that are called 'Mary/Gary-sues' which are characters that are so motherfuckin' overpowered and perfect that they just overshadow ALLLLL of the characters of the series and break the rules of the universe they take place in. In my Frontlines story, I asked for anyone to send me any OCs (since the story was mainly focused on the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer) and all I got were these overpowered, perfect characters that made me want to get a pen and perform a vasectomy on myself so I wouldn't have the horror of bringing children into a world where such characters were made. It was really 1 likable, usable character for every 10 bad, stupid overpowered ones.

Granted, as an aspiring writer myself I know that it can be hard to create original characters but if there's one thing I learn it's using restraint when making characters and AVOID SELF-INSERTIONS! By self insertions I mean characters that are so obviously meant for the writer to self-project onto with no regards in making a good story or not. In fact, I recalled this one story, but the name I can't recall, where young Naruto meets an all-powerful devil who saves him from the civilians, bitch-slaps Hiruzen for being a dumb-ass, kills Hinata's father who was about to rape her, adopts Naruto and Hinata as his own and just as they about to leave the village this devil guy brings back Kushina and Hinata's mother so he can marry them and then fuck them just as they leave the village RIGHT in front of the young Hinata and Naruto who just say 'Yea! I got a new daddy!' ALL IN THE FIRST FUCKING CHAPTER! and you want to know what this devil was named? Lord Drago Quicksilver of the House of Awesome and ruler of all Creation...why I can't recall the name of the story itself but I can recall the name of that fucking character is beyond me...maybe my brain cells were too busy butt-fucking each other to destruction at the sheer retardation of what this OC got away with when he finally said his fucking name, they stopped and stared at it in the same way you would stop and gawk at car crash that caused a nearby home for big-eyed orphans and adorable puppy sanctuary to catch on fire while Godzilla is knocking down buildings just as a nuclear bomb of sheer stupidity was about to fuck everything up and this sheered into my fucking brains forever...a bit overly dramatic and harsh? Maybe, but by Gods of every faith was it just so stupid and an OC so retarded!

Sure, that OC maybe the worst so not ALL are that bad but it still doesn't help that most OCs I've read just seemed to only exist for the writer to self-insert themselves rather then entertain the readers. Kinda like in Twilight, the lead character Bella is just so blend and boring that all she's used for is for fans to plant their face onto and change the name from 'Bella' to 'Insert-your-name-here.' Hell, maybe there are some OCs that fit the world of the world the fanfic is in so well, but I haven't encounter them. Hell, even I'm guilty of making OCs in fact my story Frontlines is all about OCs but then again Frontlines is my least favorite story to work on even though I love the Mass Effect universe that it's takes place in. OCs in other stories, however, are just throw away characters that get killed in the chapter they are introduced or never mentioned or heard from again and only used when I couldn't think of a character or at least one that I didn't want to use. Overall, most OCs I've read about are just bad. If you like OCs then fine...all power to ya, I just don't.

Crossovers: Okay, once again like with OCs I'm sure that they are good crossovers on this site. It's just that I haven't read any and the bad ones spoiled crossovers for me. If you want some good crossovers with some good OCs then go visit Leaf Ranger, he's the guy that BETA reads my stories, and see his stories. Some are crossovers, others have OCs and they are fairly popular. So I'm just bitching about the BAD examples that made me NOT want to see any crossovers or OC based story. So with that, let's go on.

Most crossovers I read are just juggled up mess of trying to combine two series that just don't belong or an excuse to have one character come and fuck other girls from a different series. An example would be any Naruto-Toloveru story because most of the stories that I read are ALWAYS about Naruto being some immortal god in Rito's place and lived to see the Elemental Nations became modern Japan...which doesn't make any sense for three reasons, the first being that if the fox granted immorality or eternal youth then wouldn't Kushina be extremely young when she meet Minato? So does that mean Minato had sex with a young girl? He's a pedophile? Second, if you look at any map about the Elemental Nations you can see that there is NO Japan-esque island or nation. Third, if the world of Toloveru is just a more modernized version of the Naruto world then how come Naruto is the only person to use chakra or Jutsu? Jutsu is such a powerful weapon to have and chakra is so useful that even with modernized tech and weapons I'm sure the world military will still teach it or if 'Japan' is the only one that can use chakra then I'm certain that they WILL still train shinobi and kounichi in their military. Hell, how valuable would ONE highly specialized solider that can shoot fireballs out of their mouth and run up walls and across water and create several 'clones' AND have create illusions and armed with military grade guns and equipment? Three or four squads? Maybe even more?

Also, a big pain for me is those MASS crossovers stories. The ones that make the reader feel as if the writer as several different personalities and they ALL couldn't agree on what series to write a story about so they just said 'fuck it' and wrote one story in several ALL at once. Like I mean stories that cross Attack on Titan, Bleach, Mass Effect, Star Wars, RosairoVampire, Kill la Kill, One Piece, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Dark Souls ALL AT ONCE. They seemed to be under the delusion that the more series they try to blend the instantly better their story gets when in practice it makes the reader tired and annoyed as they try to follow WHY all of these universes are being smashed together like pieces of play-do and made into a colorful mess that just ruins the integrity of the original series.

Once more, I'm guilty of making a crossover, Frontlines, so I can understand how hard it is to make a crossover but they are just some series that shouldn't go together. Once again blah blah blah if you like crossovers then, you know what to do.

So if you want to her my opinions on certain characters, or subjects then feel free to send me a PM!

Names for GenderBent Naruto Characters and some pics. (*WARNING* None of the pictures are mine and some contain nudity. Courtesy of Fox Boss)













-Kakashi= Kazumi


-Lee= Lei


-Neji= Nejiko


-Sasuke=Satsuki/Satsuki II





















-Killer B= Queen B









-Gaara= Aka

-Kankuro= Kanko







-Orochimaru= Orika




-Deidara= Derira

-Hiden= Hisa

-Itachi= Izumi

-Kakuzu= Kakuza

-Kisame= Kishiko







-Shukaku= Shukuko

-Matatabi= Matatabi

-Isobu= Isoko

-Gokū= Gosuke

-Kokuō= Kokoro

-Saiken= Saika

-Chōmei= Chami

-Gyūki= Gyūko

-Kurama= Kuremi

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