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Hey i am Tom Takahic Well i love reading ive been reading practically non stop whenever i wasent playing video games or at school since i was 7 years old (a fair amount of time ago) but i never really had the internet untill just a few years ago so i never knew the joy that is fanfiction untill about a year into my internet usage.

I am a fan of harry potter fan fictions at the moment im into harry potter Naruto Crossovers (although by the time you read this i may have moved onto something else) i am a boy no my names not really Tom Takahic But thats my only identity online so if you wanna con tact me thats your best bet my bday oct 14 i read a whole lot of different things if but im a very fast reader so its useless to ask what im reading to read with me since by time you find it i will probably be done it already lol

im not a major anime fan i have nothing against it but like i said i love reading so if theres a manga on an anime out there i will probably read that instead of watching it

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im not writing any storys at the moment but thats mostly because i dont have time between school and reading other people storys if i were to start a story i would probably be a 1 shot (even though i never read them myself) because i tend to move on to other things quickly so a one shot would be the best for all involved haha right now i've been downloading the storys onto my kobo touch so that i can read on the go so dont count on my favorites being my actual favorites i will admit im not very picky about my storys i rarely find a story i dont like and even if i dont that just means i will leave it alone till i get really bored then i will go and read it when i review im mostly positive and im a strong believer in author rights i will never flame an author for making a different choice then i would i may mention it but even that's rare well thatsall i can think of right now so stop creeping my profile and go read some storys :D

wow i haven't looked at my profile in years lol well not too much has changed really my grammar is probably even worse from lack of practise now that I'm done schooling and rarely write anything anymore um I still spend a lot of time reading on this site I have over 4 thousand followed storys but I only favorited the very best or the ones that really stick out to me

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